Bitcoin NBA betting

Each crypto bookmaker has available betting on the NBA in bitcoin. It is very important to choose the right one. In this article, you will find a list of the most reliable and trusted bitcoin NBA betting sites. However, in order to play successfully, it is important to understand basic principles of betting on this sport discipline. In this article we will speak about NBA betting tips and a simply strategies which will help you to understand NBA crypto betting better.

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Advantages of NBA Bitcoin betting

  • Basketball is a popular sport among fans and bettors alike. And the NBA is the ultimate basketball tournament. The championship is the main attraction, but the excitement begins when the playoffs begin – a period that can be compared with the major events in the most prestigious international competitions. The matches are broadcast live on the best bitcoin betting websites, for example, table tennis betting with Bitcoin.
    Users of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies every day more and more, but the bookmakers taking this fact into account, began to actively develop in this direction, and every day on the market there are more and more platforms that offer their audience not only a wide line and a high odds on every NBA game, but also to bet in Bitcoin on this sport. These are standard outcomes (wins, odds, totals) and minor bets, including exclusive variants. Users of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies every day more and more, but the bookmakers taking this fact into account, began to actively develop in this direction, and every day on the market there are more and more platforms that offer their audience not only a wide line and a high odds on every NBA game, but also to bet in Bitcoin on this type of sport. These are standard outcomes (wins, odds, totals) and minor bets, including exclusive variants.
  • Anonymous and confidential betting. If in regular bookmakers it is mandatory to pass identification before the first deposit, then in the crypto betting sites , you can deposit funds to the balance immediately after opening an account in order to bet on NBA. The player does not have to provide personal information, fill out a lengthy questionnaire and confirm contacts.
  • Safety. To conduct a monetary transaction, an address and a key are sufficient. Nowhere will you have to enter the data of a plastic card, etc., worrying about a leak. Another plus follows from this point – against the background of regular receipts of funds, banks and the tax service will not have any questions, because transactions on the network are not monitored.
  • Low commission costs. A small fee is paid for the translation, which will not significantly affect the budget.
    Special bonus offers. Bookmakers are trying to attract users for cryptocurrency bets, so they offer more profitable gifts for replenishing an account with bitcoins, litecoins, and other electronic assets.
Bitcoin NBA betting

Features of NBA betting with bitcoin

The tournament has its own specifics and the rules of the games are slightly different from other competitions in the sport. The main nuances to pay attention to before making a bet:

  • The duration of the quarter. Unlike basketball games in most other leagues, where each quarter is 10 minutes, in the NBA the duration is 12 minutes.
  • Big game totals. The tournament is very productive because of the class of the athletes and well-coordinated team play. 200 points per game is the usual total, while in other basketball leagues this result is unattainable.
  • Minimal difference in the class of the opponents. Betting on the tournament matches is worthwhile after a detailed analysis. The truth is that there are many unpredictable results during the season, when the outsider beats the favorite in an away game. Of course, the teams differ in level, but the difference is not always obvious.

Nor should we rule out the human element, as all NBA players make mistakes and produce games of poor quality.

NBA betting tips and patterns

Motivation plays a major role in National Basketball Association games. If a team has already achieved their tournament goals, they may play an underdog with a little bit of economy.
The form of individuals also plays a role. There are many stars in the league who can single-handedly give their club an advantage or even win. But if that player is not in optimal form, the result may be affected. You need to keep an eye on the top players, rotate the squad and look out for possible injuries. You should also choose a crypto bookmaker who has everything you need to monitor events – broadcasts, statistical reports, a detailed match tracker and results information. This functionality helps you make accurate predictions and increase your earnings.

Crypto NBA betting strategies:

There are several strategies on the NBA, the correct use of which will make betting more effective.

On a favourite

The most obvious outcome to bet on in a bookmaker’s office is a win for the stronger team. However, sensations are not uncommon in the NBA, and with the wrong analysis you can make a mistake and choose the wrong event to bet on. Therefore, to apply a betting strategy on a favourite’s victory, it is necessary to choose a team that:

Has not lost tournament motivation. This only applies to the regular season. Every match is important in the play-off round and the teams’ motivation should not be a problem. At the end of the regular season the clubs who’ve reached the end of the season or who’ve lost their championship hopes are behaving half-heartedly.
Approaching the game with their optimal lineup. Before making a bet, it is worth reading the latest news about the teams. The loss of even one player in the starting five will affect the team’s chances in the upcoming meeting. Especially if the team will perform without its main star.
Not having a back-to-back game. This is the basketball term for when a team plays two consecutive days. It is not always possible for the team to be in top form at the end of the series, especially if they have veterans on the roster.
A strategy on favourites should be used when the stronger team is playing on home court. A small handicap (-1) to (-7) should be used. Betting on a favourite’s win with a handicap of (-8) is riskier, as the leading teams often lose momentum towards the end of the game.


An underdog is a team that frequently loses and is considered by the bookies to be the underdog. However, they can unexpectedly beat a much stronger opponent. The term applies to many sports, including basketball. When betting on underdogs you need to pay attention to 3 components:

  • The current form of the opponents;
  • Tournament motivation and mindset;
  • The statistics of face-to-face meetings (over the last 6 meetings).

If there is no clear advantage for the favourite when comparing these parameters, you can bet on the underdog. The odds for a win in such a case can vary from 2 to 5.

Analytical Betting

A popular variant of this strategy is betting on total fouls in a match. The NBA game is quite tough with numerous infringements due to contact fighting. A high foul total is worth betting in face-to-face meetings between teams that have discipline problems. To do this, you should look at their performance figures during the season.

Another popular option for analytical betting is 2 and 3-point shots. In this case it is worth paying attention to the line-ups of the clubs. The presence of basketball players with accurate shots is a sure sign that the team will show a productive game.

Betting on trends

This strategy involves betting on the most anticipated outcomes based on previous performances. For instance, if a team has had a poor offensive performance in recent NBA games and has trouble executing, a low individual total would be a good bet.

Betting on line movement

When using the strategy, it is worth choosing a line movement service for the odds on upcoming events. Any change in the career of an athlete or team can affect the level of the odds.

For instance, before an NBA game one of the teams has two leading basketball players drop out due to injuries – the odds for its victory will immediately become higher. Lineup moves can also be affected by the postponement of a game, the return of a leader to the lineup, and a host of other events.


If a basketball game is tied at the end of regulation time, overtime is played for 5 minutes. At the end of overtime, the winner is decided.
Overtimes are common in the NBA. Betting on extra time is risky, but always at high odds of up to 12.

Handicap on the underdog

Tournament games are usually tightly contested until the final whistle, which means there may be a point or two in the final score. Going for the underdog is a popular gambling strategy that can be used to improve your odds.

Often the underdogs lose to a strong opponent by a slim margin. And bookmakers give very favourable odds on such an event, for instance, F (+3.5) is priced at an average of 1.7-2.2.

Handicap on winners

One of the most popular betting options is picking a winner. One thing to keep in mind is that bookmakers offer overtime and regulation winnings in their betting line-up. This rule applies to NBA games, so be sure to read the outcomes carefully before wagering to avoid picking the wrong option.

The odds for a winner including overtime are lower, but there is less risk of losing. This type of bet is preferable when playing over a long distance, as it can provide stable earnings.


NBA betting with Bitcoin is a top sports betting destination. Crypto bookmakers offer low margins, a wide range of outcomes and high odds. This allows you to use lucrative betting strategies and go long term in the long run. To do so, it is advisable to stick to your chosen strategy and allocate your betting pot wisely.

FAQ Bitcoin NBA betting

  • Which strategy is good for a beginner?

    Bettors with little experience can apply the strategy on the favourite or the handicap on the underdog.

  • What is Back-to-Back in NBA?

    This is the situation when a team plays 2 matches in 24 hours.

  • Is it safe to bet on the NBA with bitcoin?

    It is safe if you choose the right and licensed crypto bookmaker, you can find a list of them in this article above.


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