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EOS is one of the most popular blockchain platforms and the cryptocurrency of the same name. Since decentralization implies increased transparency, honesty and protection, various online crypto casinos show particular interest in this coin – EOS casino online.

The platform gained wide popularity in the first six months after its creation. It is quite easy to use and very understandable for those who want to create their own decentralized application, including EOS gambling dApps. This greatly accelerates the growth of the EOS ecosystem.

This cryptocurrency is very young, so the online gambling industry has not yet had time to truly appreciate the advantages of the technology. However, some sites have already realized these benefits by allowing their users to play on EOS.

EOS is still quite far from the title of “popular in gambling” coin, but more and more sites with cryptocurrency casino games turn to it. Obviously, over time, this altcoin will become a familiar means of payment for most gamblers.

Best EOS casino sites

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Benefits of EOS in gambling

Most cryptocurrencies boast fast money transfers. For comparison, fiat money is usually used, so digital currencies win in this regard. However, in the history of the same Bitcoin, there were cases when the network load reached incredible values, which led to a slowdown and a sharp increase in the cost of transactions. If you usually had to pay $1 or less, then during such periods, a single transfer could cost tens of dollars, while confirmation on the blockchain could take several days.

Here lies the main advantage of EOS over major cryptocurrencies. The fact is that on its native blockchain, transactions are completely free. If this is not enough, then another fact flies after: the translation speed is usually less than a second.

EOS smart contracts allow funds to be transferred from the casino account to the player’s account (and vice versa) automatically depending on the success of the game or bet. This is another advantage in comparison with traditional, fiat, gaming sites – just remember the stories with “freezes” of deposits and non-payment of winnings.

😮 Betting history can be stored directly on the blockchain. Online casino with EOS has the following advantages:

Best EOS casino sites
  • Very fast transfers
  • Zero transaction cost
  • Use of smart contracts
  • Possibility to store history of bets on the blockchain
  • Anonymity

But these are not all the advantages of EOS gambling. There is another advantage – perhaps the main one. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Decentralized casinos?!

There are casinos that accept EOS as one of their payment methods. We have already mentioned them above. In their case, the user is faced with the “superficial” advantages of this cryptocurrency.

But there are also casinos that initially work with EOS. How is this possible?

The fact is that the EOSIO blockchain provides possibility for the use of smart contracts and the placement of decentralized applications. For the online gambling industry, these two opportunities are of great value.

The same principle of Provably Fair just goes great with blockchain. Each game played can be stored on the blockchain, allowing users to check everything for themselves and make sure it’s fair. The capabilities of Bitcoin blockchain, for example, would not be enough for this.

The DappRadar.com website allows you to see the ranking of the most popular decentralized applications for cryptocurrencies such as EOS, TRON, Ethereum, NEO, Waves and others. So, if you look at the top 25 EOS apps, 9 of them are online casinos or sports betting sites – EOS best gambling dapps. Another 8 are various EOS games.

If you scroll through the next few pages of the ranking, it becomes clear that the majority of decentralized applications on the EOS blockchain are related to gambling. This gives a good idea of ​​the convenience of the technology for the gaming industry.

Is it safe to play on EOS?

Concern about the security of your personal data and money is always welcome when it comes to various organizations offering their services over the Internet. EOS casino online is no exception – after all, you trust the portal with personal funds and confidential information.

In case of large cryptocurrency sites like FairSpin, the user understands that casinos are responsible for the honesty and safety of player data with their reputation. Few people will be interested in playing games on EOS if unpleasant rumors spread about the portal.

Here are a few factors that are extremely important to pay attention to when choosing best EOS casino sites:

  1. Impeccable reputation within the community
  2. Using the Provably Fair algorithm
  3. No conflicts with users
  4. Availability of instant payouts
  5. Age of the brand

If you want to play on EOS on unfamiliar sites, you should check all possible information. In this way, it will be possible to minimize the risks and, maybe, avoid unpleasant acquaintances with online scammers.

Bonuses at best EOS casino sites

It just so happened that large bonuses and large-scale promotions can only be afforded by large gambling portals. Therefore, for now, it remains only to wait for the moment when those sites finally add support for EOS.

Is it worth it to get upset? Decide for yourself. Some smaller casinos that accept payments with EOS make up for the lack of bonuses with low house edge and all sorts of nice perks.

Where to buy EOS

To buy EOS, it is enough to create an account on one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges and deposit some amount of fiat money into the account. After that, they can be exchanged for EOS.

Here are some exchanges:

  • Exmo
  • Kraken
  • Poloniex
  • Binance

In the future, you will be able to send the received tokens to wallet addresses and use them for gambling or sports betting.


Cryptocurrencies and tokens, such as EOS, make online gaming more accessible and convenient, primarily because the benefits provided, which we have disscussed in details. It is worth considering EOS as a whole package and not just as a token, as there are even more advantages to the game.

  • The EOS ecosystem could be the future of the blockchain
  • Lightning-fast processing speed improves convenience tenfold
  • Reputable casinos accept EOS tokens
  • EOS aims to address the shortcomings of other blockchain businesses.

With EOS, you have a popular token accepted by many gaming platforms, as well as a blockchain system that works quickly and efficiently.

EOS casino FAQ

  • Are there any casino sites that accept EOS?

    EOS is more than just a cryptocurrency. This is an ecosystem. Thus, it is very important for casino operators in the online world. So they accept EOS as a payment method depending on what it offers. There are also few EOS gambling dApps,

  • Can I deposit directly with EOS in online casino?

    EOS is a well-reputed cryptocurrency. Thus, in most cases, players can use the token directly when playing at an online casino. However, some platforms prefer their players to use their own currency, but EOS converts easily.

  • Is EOS a reliable cryptocurrency for casino games?

    EOS developers claim that the ecosystem can process up to 100,000 transactions per second, making it one of the fastest in the business. Transaction speed is something that both online casinos and players benefit from.

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