Crypto boxing

One of the first forms of betting was on boxing, and as contemporary technology has advanced, crypto boxing betting has gained popularity as a betting option for players. People bet on this sport far less frequently than on others like basketball, soccer, and tennis, despite the fact that it is offered on practically every bookmaker’s website.

Best Bitcoin boxing betting sites


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22 Bet

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Pros and cons of Crypto Boxing Betting Sites

There are several betting sites where you can bet on boxing fights. Let’s check their pros and cons.


  • Excellent Reputation. Only a few genuine complaints about Betonline could be found online.
  • Outstanding customer service. You may easily contact Betonline’s support team, and they should be able to address any issue you may have immediately.
  • Decent promotions. Betonline occasionally runs intriguing promos that elevate the overall gaming experience above that of most other websites.
  • Fantastic gaming experience. With excellent gameplay and a captivating layout, Betonline offers everything you could possibly expect in a modern website.


  • Ineffective VIP program. Despite the effort, Betonline’s VIP perks fall short of those offered on the top websites.
  • It’s not anonymous. On Betonline, you cannot play secretly.

  • Excellent Reputation. Only a few genuine complaints about Sportsbetting.AG could be found.
  • Exemplary client services. Even if Sportsbetting.Ag’s customer service isn’t the best, it is still better than many of its competitors.
  • Fantastic gaming experience. Sportsbetting.Ag offers fantastic gameplay and attractive design—everything you could ask for in a contemporary website.


  • It is not anonymous. Users are not given the ability to play anonymously on Sportsbetting.Ag.
  • Non-End to End Crypto. Even though you may deposit using digital assets, they are instantly converted to cash. While playing on the website, you must use fiat currency since when you withdraw, your fiat is converted back into cryptocurrency.
22 BET


  • Excellent mobile experience. 22BET team has worked very hard to create a mobile version that is worthwhile to use and provides a far better user experience than other websites.
  • Registration at Lightspeed. Most users of 22 BET complete the registration procedure in under a minute because of its refreshingly swift pace. To expedite matters, make sure you have the following: email address, password, and email address verification.


  • Almost No Promotion. Make no attempt to register with22 BETif promotions are crucial to you, avoid this one as it seldom gives any.
  • It is not completaly anonymous. 22 BET may requiered user verify indentity.

Crypto boxing bet types


The most popular type of wager is by far one on how the bout will turn out. There are three choices available to the player: each athlete winning, or a tie. Due to the rarity of such a result in boxing betting with Bitcoin, occasionally the odds might be quite high. Because there is usually an athlete in a battle who has a slightly greater probability of winning, most gamblers frequently bet on the favorite.

Early victory

On Bitcoin boxing betting sites, this is the second most popular betting option. You must predict the player’s knockout victory in this scenario. It should be kept in mind that the likelihood of a knockout decreases with increasing weight. An early win also refers to situations in which a player is disqualified or unable to continue the game. Making the best decision requires understanding the fighters’ fighting style, motivation, and degree of expertise.

Total rounds

In a professional boxing bout, a maximum of 12 rounds may be used. Cryptocurrency boxing betting companies allow you to predict if a fight will conclude before or after a specific number of rounds. For instance, the bout between Mike Tyson and Peter McNeeley terminated before the scheduled number of rounds. This option can be quite intriguing given that bets on the favorite are rarely lucrative. The following guidelines should be followed by bettors:

  • To see whether there were any instances in the athlete’s career where he unexpectedly gave up in the final rounds.
  • You need to look at the statistics to see whether there are any knockouts in the bout.
  • Find out how many knockdowns each boxer has suffered throughout the course of their career.

Betting on knockout

It makes sense that knockouts occur far more frequently in boxing than in mixed martial arts. The early conclusion of the battle, which is confined to the prediction of a fighter’s triumph, is one area where many bettors fail to wager on boxing with Bitcoin.

Given how frequently knockouts occur in boxing, especially in twelve-round contests, the chances are comparable to those for an athlete’s typical victory. Because the probabilities of this happening rise numerous times, it is important to pay attention to the round bet.

 boxing betting with Bitcoin

How to choose best crypto boxing betting site

Depending on where you reside and your financial circumstances, you might need to meet certain requirements to enjoy or even be allowed to engage in bitcoin betting.

If you wish to gamble on cryptocurrency, consider the following criteria first. Decide what you’re searching for, list your responses, and think about how each outcome relates to you.

What aspect do you value more, and why? Spend some time planning before signing up for the top three Bitcoin betting sites.


It is true of the majority of online betting venues for cryptocurrencies.

Since they are all comparable legally, it is crucial to consider their reputations and customer service since there is where they may differ in ways that may affect your enjoyment and any winnings you may have. Consider their reputation and how they handle controversies in the media.

Additionally, consider what others are saying and writing about them on and off of these sites, as well as how they interact with their consumers in public forums.

Available sports and Odds

While the majority of cryptocurrency sports betting sites provide the same sports, some of them also offer unique sports. To be honest, though, it’s uncommon to discover unique sports accessible for betting on any sportsbook these days because Bitcoin sports betting companies are aware of the sports that customers want to place cryptocurrency wagers on. All cryptocurrency sportsbooks do not, however, provide the same depth of lines and level of odds competition for every event.

Payout speed and terms

When choosing a bitcoin betting site, be sure it offers the payment times and conditions you want for paying out your wins. This allows you to withdraw your winnings from a crypto wager immediately and convert them into a stable asset like a stable currency or money.

When cryptocurrencies are volatile, this makes it possible to withdraw fiat money or stable coins without worrying about their value dropping. However, keep in mind that certain bitcoin betting sites can place a limit on your maximum weekly, monthly, or daily withdrawal.

If that occurs, you may rest and withdraw the maximum amount each week until all your earnings have been withdrawn if the crypto sportsbook you choose is reliable.


A new way to wager on sports, cryptocurrency sports betting on boxing streamlines the betting process and provides users with a safer platform. Due to their flexibility, precision, and security, cryptocurrencies are in a class all their own when it comes to boxing crypto betting, making crypto sports betting the trend of the future. The market potential for sportsbook operators is greatly enhanced by cryptocurrency’ greater bettor confidence and extended advertising options.


  • Are there any legal crypto boxing betting sites?

    Most crypto boxing betting sites can assert that they are legal, but the answer depends on where you are. The legality of cryptocurrencies and boxing betting sites in your nation are two distinct factors to take into account. In most places, there are typically more regulations on boxing betting sites than there are on cryptocurrency.

  • Can I place a wager using cryptos fully anonymously?

    Crypto addresses, which are the sole data required to describe where cryptos are and where they are transmitted, are what provide this method of payment its anonymity. These addresses are privately produced by each user’s wallets. Consequently, by utilizing a fresh address for each payment you receive, you can safeguard your anonymity. Additionally, you may utilize numerous wallets for various purposes.

  • When can I withdraw my cryptocurrency?

    The method for making a withdrawal is the same as for making a deposit. The bulk of Bitcoin boxing betting services, however, also need to personally validate the action.


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