Crypto LIVE Blackjack

If you are already a pro casino player, Blackjack should not be new to you. However, we will give a short introduction to the game for beginners.

Blackjack is regarded as a bank game, meaning that gamblers play against the dealer rather than each other. It uses the method of Baccarat. This game aims to secure a hand that has a point total of 21 than that of the dealer without crossing 21. At the commencement of the game, the players and the dealer are dealt two cards each l, the dealer has one face down and the other card facing up. When a player opens a deal of an ace with any 10-point card it is said to be the best possible hand.

The main advantage of this game is that it has many rules that favor the house. One of those rules is that the player should act before the dealer. The dealer might use a deck of 52 rds, even two or more decks from a holder known as a shoe. In Blackjack, the Ace value is either 1 or 11 and the face card value is 10. During the Blackjack game, the bet is placed before the deal, after each of the players is dealt with the card, or the player has been given two cards face down and the dealer exposes one of his cards. Depending on the rule adopted Blackjack is still an interesting game to try out at any casino outlet.

The main objective of Blackjack is to beat the Dealer. Though there’s already a big misconception about the objective of the game, just bear in mind that you aim to beat the dealer.

The major way to beat the dealer is to obtain a hand value that is above the dealer’s hand value when the dealer obtains a hand value that is above 21 and get a hand value of 21 in your first two cards when the dealer has not.

When you are playing Blackjack games you lose when you draw a hand that is over 21, the dealer’s hand value is higher than your own at the end of the round.

You should understand that other players’ hands at the game table won’t interfere with winning the game of Blackjack as they do in a poker game. Blackjack games are played only between you and the dealer.

It’s not true when the patrons inform you that it is a team sport. It’s not just you and the dealer, don’t pay attention to the Extra hands on the table.

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Live blackjack

Live Blackjack is trending among casino game lovers. This is because it allows you to play your casino games from the comfort of your living room with your digital device.

Live Blackjack dealers tend to recreate the real experience of playing at a casino house with a technology that permits the player to participate in the game through a live stream.

Live dealer blackjack is an online version of Blackjack created by a dealer to enable players to have the same experience as a traditional casino house through live streaming. Live Blackjack has a human croupier playing on a physical table in a casino studio. The dealer is responsible for directing the action and shuffling the cards with the help of an automatic shuffler. The dealer will then deal the cards out to the Players in the designated space on the Blackjack table.

The cards have a microchip that is read by the table and the players individually monitor the displayed graphics. You will bet real money or cryptocurrency to participate in a live Blackjack game. Any winnings are paid automatically by the casino to the winning hand.

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Rules of crypto live Blackjack

If you are new to playing cryptocurrency live Blackjack you should probably pay great attention to the rules guiding the game.

  • Each player is dealt two cards, known as face up or face down.
  • Depending on the rules applied, the player can place their bet before the card is dealt.
  • The value of 2 to 10 is their main value while all the face cards are worth 10.
  • Aces can range from 1 or 11.
  • The total card value is the hand value of each player.

The objective of the game is to get a natural 21 or get close to it without busting.

These rules are just the basic rules, and it’s very simple and straightforward, and are just the same as other Blackjack variations.

Some action performed by a player at crypto live Blackjack. Here are a few actions that a player does during live Blackjack games.

  • Stands: This happens when a player decides not to take any card again but stays.
  • Hit: this is when a player decides to collect another card from the dealer.
  • Split: This is done when a Player’s two cards have the same value, he may want to split them into two hands.
  • Double: This is a situation whereby a player increases his initial bet up to 100% due to his commitment to stand right when he receives one more card.
  • Surrender: The player is allowed to surrender after the dealer has checked for Blackjack. If a player eventually surrenders the Casino gives him half of his bet fund and takes half. However, this feature can only be obtainable in some Bitcoin live Blackjack.
Crypto LIVE Blackjack

How to play Live dealer blackjack using crypto

These days due to the popularity of cryptocurrency, some live Blackjack dealers have incorporated cryptocurrency payment as a banking method. Bitcoin live blackjack is those live dealers that permit players to use their Bitcoin to play live Blackjack games.

To play live Blackjack games with crypto is done the same way Fiat currency is used. The only difference is that instead of using money to deposit you deposit your cryptocurrency. Most live dealers now have a cryptocurrency deposit option.

How to deposit cryptocurrency into your live betting account

To deposit your cryptocurrency at crypto live blackjack follow this simple process, it’s simple and easy.

  1. Create a cryptocurrency wallet, but if you already have one, don’t create another one.
  2. Buy the cryptocurrency that you want to use to play at a crypto live casino.
  3. Go to the banking section of the online casino, click the bitcoin depositFor, copy the bitcoin address that is shown on the screen, and go back to your cryptocurrency wallet.
  4. Use the Bitcoin address that you copied and deposit your Bitcoin.
  5. After depositing, wait for a maximum of 10 minutes for your payment to reflect.
  6. Once your Bitcoin deposit is reflected, go to the live dealer section to play your live Blackjack games.

While placing your live bet, make you play according to the funds you have. If you bet above the maximum amount of funds, your bet will be rejected.

Pros and cons of cryptocurrency live Blackjack

Like any other venture, cryptocurrency live Blackjack has its pros and cons, however, the pros outweigh the cons aspect of it.

Pros of crypto live Blackjack

  1. Crypto live Blackjack game outcome is more trusted because it is controlled by human beings.
  2. You are playing in real-time, the game is going on live.
  3. It makes use of advanced HD technology that makes the live stream awesome.
  4. You can play crypto live Blackjack with your smart devices like desktop desktops and iPad without going out of your home.
  5. It offers you the Privacy that you deserve.
  6. Cryptocurrency is now accepted in most parts of the world, and thus players from different parts of the world can have access to the live game.

Cons of crypto live Blackjack

  1. Technical System glitches, live Blackjack games are not too perfect because of some technical problem which is expected anyways.
  2. Less Blackjack game variation, live Blackjack game variation is small compared to what is obtainable in normal online casino games.
  3. Some people are still not aware of the use of cryptocurrency to play live Blackjack.


We have given you all the information about crypto live Blackjack, and with what we have written above it is just an amazing experience to play live Blackjack with cryptocurrency. It is simple as long as you follow all our steps above. There are several live dealers where you can use your cryptocurrency to bet on.

Crypto Live Blackjack FAQ

  • Can I play live Blackjack games with cryptocurrency?

    Yes, you can play a live Blackjack game with your cryptocurrency. Follow all the steps listed above to make your deposit and start playing.

  • Can I withdraw cryptocurrency from my winnings?

    Yes, you can withdraw your winnings in cryptocurrency. As long as you deposited cryptocurrency you will also be paid through cryptocurrency.


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