Crypto LIVE Baccarat

If you are already a casino game pro, Baccarat won’t be new to you. However, if you’re a new player or you are just getting accustomed to casino games then you probably need some kind of introduction. Baccarat is an interesting casino game, with a whole lot of suspense and intrigue. Baccarat is not complex to learn as it has the same basis as other card games. In a Baccarat game three outcomes are expected, i.e the player wins, the Banker wins, and the tie. A tie means that either the banker or the player won, the Banker is not the casino game provider. Ok players also have the option to bet on either the player’s or the banker’s hand.

Know that during baccarat games you can bet either on the player’s hands or the banker’s hand. You must place your bet before the cards are dealt. Two cards will be dealt between the player and the banker. The casino operator who is holding the shoe will then slide one card out making it face up in the player’s area on the felt table. Then the first card from the banker’s table will also be made to face up on the banker’s box on the table. The process will be repeated. The points from the two cards will be announced. Know that tens and face cards are equally about to zero points, while the rest of the card is worth its face value, and only the Ace Worthing is one point. For Instance, if your total points are greater than 10, the second number becomes the value of the hand. To further explain this, if a 10 and 5 total 15, the point is 5 – point hand. To become a winner your bet must appear on the hand that is closer to ten. A natural win happens when the first two cards that were dealt, total 8 or 9 points for either the banker or the Player.

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Live Baccarat

Live crypto Baccarat refers to live Casinos where players can be able to deposit cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc in other to play live baccarat games. As simple as it will sound but that is just it. Presently crypto live baccarat is already making its way to mainstream betting. Players seem to be more comfortable using cryptocurrency to play live crypto baccarat casino games. Live Baccarat has improved so much. The live Baccarat room has been renovated completely with modern-day technology that enables it to deliver a world-class casino experience, providing casino players with high-class online table action games. Live Baccarat game providers have one eye on sers’ experience. live crypto baccarat casinos have been tailored to offer players the best view of the gaming action. The multi-cameras streams live HD-quality videos to your device allowing you to have a different look for the game as it goes on. With the perfect close-ups of the cards, the nice cutaways, and the large-angled shots, live Baccarat has gone a long way in stimulating the true casino feel and look.

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During the live Baccarat game, table action is handled by a competent baccarat dealer who is well-experienced in interacting and communicating with online players. Normally once you get set to start playing on the live dealer section, the dealer will greet you and will stand by to answer your questions throughout your betting season.

In case you have an inquiry to make about the Live Baccarat game, you can contact the dealers through the live chat season by messaging them. They will reply very fast.

Crypto live baccarat can be played on all your smart devices such as your PC, Mac desktop, or laptop. You can also play it on your mobile phone such as iPad, iPhone, and also Android phones. That software will automatically optimize the stream to the device you use.

Live crypto baccarat casinos
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How to play Live dealer baccarat using cryptocurrency

Playing live dealer baccarat using cryptocurrency is not a difficult thing to do, it is, even simpler than you can imagine. You should know that is just the same way you play with real money, that is how you play with cryptocurrency, the only difference between those two is the depositing process. To Deposit cryptocurrency into your online casino takes a different route to do. But you should not worry as we will show you how to deposit your cryptocurrency so you can start playing with it.

Here is the process of depositing your cryptocurrency into your bet account.

  1. Create a cryptocurrency wallet if you don’t have one, if you already have don’t create another one.
  2. Check the crypto live baccarat dealer and know the type of cryptocurrency they accept.
  3. Buy the coins from a trusted vendor.
  4. Go to the casino site where you want to make your deposit and make the cryptocurrency deposit.
  5. Before you deposit please check the value of the coin on the betting site (very important).
  6. Proceed to the live dealer section and pick live baccarat games, and start betting.

If you follow all these steps you will start playing live baccarat in minutes.

How to play live baccarat games

As we explained above, crypto live dealer baccarat is played the same way regular online baccarat games are played. The only difference in the live baccarat game is that you are dealing with real human beings and it takes place in real-time. The aim of the game is for the player to beat the banker (dealer) by having a total point closest to 9. The game is played with not more than 52 cards. Before the card is dealt, the player can wager (this time using their crypto balance), on which hand will. You are allowed to even beat the banker’s hand. As simple as this game is, baccarat also has several bet types and payout rates. This game is good for casino players who are looking for a less complicated game to play.

Some Cryptocurrency Live Baccarat Game Rules

Here are some of the rules you should have at the back of your mind while playing this game.

  1. Baccarat is hosted by a real human being called a live game dealer.
  2. The game features 8 standard 52-cards.
  3. You must place your bet before the two cards are dealt.
  4. You can either bet on the player or the banker to win.
  5. When the first two dealt cards of either the player or the banker’s total points are 8 or 9 it’s a natural win.
  6. Only the number value of each card is important during the game.

Cryptocurrency Live Baccarat Card values

  1. Cards numbered from 2 to 9 retain their numerical face value.
  2. Ace remains the lowest card, only Worthing 1 point each.
  3. 10s and other face cards i.e Jacks, Queen, and kings worth nothing or 0.

Placing your bets

Placing your bet is among the critical acceptance of the game. You should know how to manage your bankroll while playing a live baccarat game. In the wagering section, you will see what is known as “BET LIMITS”. The bet limit panel shows the minimum and maximum stakes allowed on the table in total. You will receive a screen notification if you try to exceed the maximum bet amount or try to stake below the Minimum amount. If you place a bet below the minimum requirements it won’t be accepted.

To play a cryptocurrency Live baccarat game, you must have sufficient cryptocurrency that will be able to cover your bets. Your account balance is also displayed on your screen.


Playing at a live baccarat casino can be overwhelming and the application of advanced technology that is used in bringing live streams to your device can’t be overemphasized. Many live baccarat dealers have started allowing cryptocurrency deposits. This is an effort to reach more markets and provide more depositing options to customers. The benefits of playing live baccarat are mostly because of the anonymity and Privacy that it offers, with the stimulated feel of a physical live casino game.

Crypto LIVE Baccarat FAQ

  • Can I play a live baccarat game with cryptocurrency?

    Yes, you can play live baccarat games with a cryptocurrency. However, you should make sure that the online casino live section accepts cryptocurrency deposits.

  • Can I withdraw cryptocurrency from a live baccarat dealer casino?

    Yes, you can withdraw your cryptocurrency winnings from online Casinos just the same way you withdraw Fiat money winnings. While withdrawing make sure that your balance meets the minimum withdrawal limit.


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