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Increasingly, cryptocurrency is available in deposit methods for betting companies. The number of bettors funding their accounts in bitcoins or other altcoins is growing all the time. In this article, we will talk about the features of blockchain table tennis betting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies we will look at betting sites on table tennis in bitcoin and other altcoins, the types and strategies of crypto betting table tennis.

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For blockchain table tennis betting visit Fairspin or Cloudbet.

Features of crypto betting table tennis

This discipline, called ping pong, is a dynamic and fast-paced game. In order for Bitcoin table tennis betting to be profitable, professional bettors study everything about the sport. They take into account which popular outcomes are available for trades.

A number of aspects of successful crypto betting in this game discipline:

Each serve rarely lasts longer than five seconds.The average length of a set is 1.5 minutes. With such dynamics, experienced users bet live. Quotes jump quickly, professionals wait for attractive offers from the bookmakers.
Opponents take two serves in turn.Thus, the changing of sides factor does not play an important role. Whereas in tennis the serving player often has an advantage, in volleyball it is the other way round. In this game this factor does not give it.
Depending on the tournament and internal rules, the match consists of five or seven sets.This is worth bearing in mind when placing a bet. This information is usually provided by the bookmaker in the line.
crypto betting table tennis

Types of crypto bets on table tennis

Whereas the bookmaker has a large lineup for other disciplines, there are rarely many betting options for this kind of tennis. Popular types of crypto table tennis betting:

  • On the outcome. A classic variant of this sporting discipline. Here there is no draw result, it is possible to bet on the victory of the first or second player.
  • On handicap. This option also often attracts the attention of bettors. Handicap in this discipline are different:
  1. On games. Winning an athlete with a certain advantage by the number of sets.
    2. On points scored. The victory in a match with the advantage on points.
    3. By a specific game. The victory in a set with a specific advantage.

When betting on a handicap, it is necessary to know everything about the match. For example, the number of sets.

  • On totals. As with handicaps, it is possible to bet on several varieties:
  1. On the total number of games (number of sets in a match).
    2. On the total points scored in the match.
    3. The individual performances of the players (number of points won, innings served, etc.)
    4. For total points per game.

At larger tournaments, crypto bookmakers also add rarer markets: “Who will win the first set?”, “Who will be the first to score five points?”, “Total set time (by totals)”, “Total time of the whole game”.

For crypto table tennis betting, you have to choose your bookmaker carefully, paying attention to the depth of the spread. In this section you will find crypto betting sites with the widest selection of bets.

Analysis in crypto table tennis online

Bettors take a superficial approach to the analysis of matches, explaining this by the fact that the bookmaker has studied everything a long time ago and has put the results in the odds. For many sports disciplines this judgement is true, but not for table tennis. Often you will find in the spread bets that you can take advantage of.

A value bet is an unreasonably high odds on the victory of one of the players. For example, an odds of 3 to win the outsider of the meeting.

Before making any decisions bettors need to:

  • Find out how many games are foreseen in a particular match;
  • Find out what hand the players play. Good players often lose to left-handed players because of their opponent’s style of play;
  • To find out how a tennis player serves, how he/she takes other players’ strokes, and what tactics he/she uses;
  • Evaluate the history of recent games and head-to-head encounters between athletes.

Pay attention to the average length of each player’s games and how they behave when they have an advantage.

Many tennis players, especially in tournaments with seven games, rest after a certain number of games won and deliberately lose a game to recover. This fact can play in favour of bettors.

Table tennis crypto betting strategies

Using specific tactics reduces risk and helps you achieve a productive long-run game. All strategies are focused on playing in LIVE, as playing on the line is associated with unreasonably high risks. There are four tactics that, when used correctly, result in a win: underdog betting, betting on handicaps and totals, and wagering.

Applying these strategies involves watching live betting.

Bets on the underdog

The tactic involves betting on the underdog. When the favourite completes a few games successfully, it may make a few mistakes. As soon as the bettor sees that the underdog is losing by at least four points, he can bet on the underdog to win a game. This strategy has the advantage of high odds of 1.6-1.8. The odds of the favourite struggling to pull out a win are very low, and it is more likely that he will rest and make the next game a test game.

Betting on handicaps

Betting on handicaps is better to bet on the underdog. The main thing is to correctly determine the difference of points in a game. It is advisable to bet on a third game in tournaments which are played in seven games, as the athletes reserve their strength and rarely play to the full. The most advantageous market is the minus handicap in favour of the favourite, as the risks are low and the odds are high.

Betting on totals

Two types of games are suitable for betting on game totals: a deciding game (or a breakaway game) or a game where the favourite is intentionally inferior to the underdog. In a game where the outcome of a game decisively affects the whole game, both contestants will fight to the last and there is a high chance of a high total, which is why the TB (18.5) point market is used. For a more one-sided game, it is worth considering the TM (16) market.

Value bets

This is the only strategy that can and should be applied to the line. To gamble on the valuables, you need to find them, and to do so, you will have to study the athletes’ stats in detail. It is a risky tactic, but remains popular because of the high odds. By playing on the shafts, bettors can reassure themselves, and already in play, they can bet against the favourite.

  • What is "the balance" in table tennis?

    If the opponents have 10 points each at the end of the set, this is called “balance”.

  • How long does a game of ping pong last?

    Each game lasts up to 11 points, the number of sets can be between 3 and 7.

  • Where is the best place to buy cryptocurrency?

    On cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance or Best Change 

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