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Crypto casinos have long since caught up with traditional gambling portals in almost everything regarding bonuses and special offers. The rise in cryptocurrency prices has actually increased even the standard crypto bonuses, which may not have changed for years. On the other hand, increased profits have allowed portals to allocate even more money to a variety of promotions and campaigns. In this article we will speak about crypto casinos who offer their players no wager bonus.

But rank-and-file players are in no hurry to rejoice. Most gaming sites still have too high wagering requirements and it’s quite difficult to find a decent bitcoin casino without wagering conditions. After all, the goal of such bonuses is to attract the player’s attention with a large amount, not their bottom line benefit. Therefore, the promise of a few bitcoins per deposit is often outweighed by the crippling wager.

You’ve probably heard by now that a “wager” is a wagering requirement that must be met in order to transfer the bonus money to your main balance. The wager is always quoted with a certain coefficient, such as 50x. In order to be able to dispose of the bonus money, in that particular case, you will first have to bet an amount that is 50 times the amount of these very bonus funds. Thus, to realize a bonus of 0.1 BTC you would need to wager at least 5 BTC.

There is a very large demand among players for bonus money with no wagering conditions. Some gaming sites have decided to take advantage of the situation and gain a competitive advantage. Therefore, crypto casinos with no wagering bonuses do exist, and we will tell you about them briefly. Let’s also try to figure out exactly what bonuses without wagering requirements can be.

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New casinos with no wager bonuses

New crypto casinos are probably the best places to look for bonuses without wagering requirements. Such offers often become a good way to get out of the shadow of larger and more popular portals, which don’t have to entice users with a promo without a wager.

Sometimes new casino offers no wagering requirements for only a certain period. This allows them to get some kind of starting influx of players, and after that they change the terms of the promo. But there are also sites that offer cryptocurrency bonuses without a wager on a permanent basis – then it’s a real boon for every bonus hunter.

There’s one more feature here. At new cryptocurrency casinos, no wagering bonuses may not be the only lucrative offers that are available to players. In such a case, users can get a small advantage from several sides at once, if they understand the bonus terms and conditions of use carefully.

Types of casino bonuses with no wagering requirements

With good bonuses, there is always a chance to increase your casino winnings on cryptocurrency. This idea is so appealing that it often makes gambling more fun on its own. And while regular bonuses are often viewed with a hint of skepticism, crypto bonuses with no wagering conditions make it even more fun to spend time at casino games.

There is no single type of no wager bonus. Rather, it’s an attribute that each special offer can have, which promises players money in their bonus accounts.

People most often search for information about the following wager-free bonuses:

  • Deposit bonuses
  • No Deposit Bonuses
  • Bonus freespins
  • Cryptocurrency giveaways
  • Bonus cashback
  • Loyalty Bonuses

Ideally, such promotions allow players to get 100% of their bonus funds and withdraw them without too much trouble. Sometimes casinos attach additional conditions to such bonuses, which can be either minor or difficult to meet. That’s why it’s important to read the terms and conditions of each specific no wager bonus at a crypto casino carefully.

Deposit bonuses without wagering

Casinos provide deposit bonuses as deposit gifts to encourage players to make their first or next deposit. They are very often part of a welcome sign-up bonus, where a user receives bonus funds for the first or more first deposits on a particular casino’s website for cryptocurrency.

Recently, such bonuses have moved from being one-time bonuses to recurring bonuses. For example, a casino may have a welcome bonus for the first three deposits, as well as several reload bonuses at once. Reloads most often operate on a permanent basis, providing an additional 25% or 50% of your deposit amount on Mondays, Wednesdays or weekends.

High wagering conditions create a situation in which only very active players can benefit from deposit bonuses. If the wager is 50x, you must first wager at least $500 to transfer $10 to your real account. Only then will the $10 bonus become “real” funds and can finally be wagered.

Unfortunately, quite often there are additional restrictions on the time or maximum bet amount in addition to the wager itself. Thus, if the wagering amount is too large and the time is too short, the bonus will simply be cancelled. This is why no wager deposit bonuses are in high demand among players and are a rare bird.

No wager deposit bonuses

Unlike the previous type, these bonuses do not require a deposit. They are given for a specific action that the user has to perform on the casino website: registration, verification, participation in a contest or something like that.

A no deposit bonus can be a sum of money, or the opportunity to make another spin or bet for free. These amounts are incentives and are almost never large – a typical no deposit bonus is around $10. If we’re talking about freespins, however, it’s usually between 20 and 50 free spins.

Such bonuses are great for getting familiar with playing for real money in a particular crypto casino. With them, the player doesn’t run the risk of losing their own funds, and the portal gets a potential new user who has already tried playing for cryptocurrency.

Despite their name, these bonuses are unlikely to be withdrawn anywhere without a deposit. Bonus funds or winnings from freespins will remain suspended in your bonus account until the player fulfills the wagering requirements.

Even if a casino offers a no deposit bonus without a wager, there are still additional terms and conditions that have to be met before the funds are transferred to a real account. Otherwise, there would be a large number of users who would get a no deposit bonus without wagering requirements and leave the casino.

Freespins without a wager

Freespins are simply free spins on slots. To use them, you don’t need to have real money in your casino account. As a result, you can win something with them, but you can’t lose, which looks very attractive to inexperienced players. In reality, of course, you can’t just take the money you win and withdraw it from your account.

Freespins are by far the most popular type of bonus among online casino no wagering sites. They very often become part of the welcome pack that is given out for registering with the site along with the deposit bonuses. They can also be obtained for prizes in tournaments, as part of social media contests, as a gift on a certain date or as part of a separate promotion.

As with deposit bonuses, freespins are almost always “laden” with additional conditions. The money that can be won with them can only be transferred to the main account once these conditions have been met. It is important to familiarise yourself with them in order to get an idea of the reality of wagering bonus funds.

Another thing is if you manage to find a crypto casino with free spins without a wager. Even with additional conditions, at least the player won’t have to work hard to wager an amount that exceeds the winnings from the freespins by several dozen times.

Cryptocurrency giveaways

Undoubtedly, this type of crypto casino bonus is the favourite amongst the average user. A typical cryptocurrency giveaway requires minimal effort and requires no investment at all: the user only makes a claim and, if they’re lucky, wins some amount of crypto.

These giveaways are most often used in social media promotions. For example, anyone who subscribes to a casino’s official Twitter feed for cryptocurrency can become a participant in the giveaway. Later, the participants’ data will be collected and run through an online service, which will determine the winner. Alternatively, a reward will be given to the 50 players who complete some action quicker than others.

Another type of crypto giveaway is often found in casino chat rooms. For this, there is a special bot that identifies active chat participants and randomly sends a small amount of cryptocurrency to their accounts. Such giveaways promote more active communication and attract new users. The amounts of cryptocurrency may be tiny, but that doesn’t change the point.

In rare cases, a casino website may have a built-in cryptocurrency faucet. With such a crane, players will be able to receive cryptocurrency for free, albeit in limited amounts. Such cranes are created to encourage users to visit the site more often and bet with real money. Sometimes such cranes are only available for VIP players.

Depending on the promo, free cryptocurrency can go either to the player’s personal crypto-purse, or to the account on the casino website. In the latter case, it’s worth looking into the terms of use or asking support about the availability of wagering requirements.

Cashback with no wagering requirements

Casino cryptocurrency gambling is inevitably associated with both wins and losses. Therefore, at some point portals came up with the idea of giving some of the lost funds back to the player to mitigate the losses a bit. As you can imagine, the players didn’t mind.

More often than not, the cashback is not given for each individual wager, but at the end of a certain period. For example, a casino may calculate a cashback of losses for a day, a week or even a month. The percentage of cashback varies, but usually ranges around 5-15%. It is also not uncommon to set a maximum cashback amount – for example, no more than $500.

Usually the more loyal players receive a higher percentage of cashback – this type of bonus often comes as part of a loyalty or VIP club program. In tiered loyalty programs, the first level, for example, may give a player 1% cashback, while the highest level may give 30% cashback.

It is uncommon for casinos to set wagering conditions for funds received as a result of a cashback. However, it does occasionally happen, meeting bewilderment from the user community. And, as a result, forces one to search for new no wagering sites that offer free wager cashback.

Loyalty bonuses without wagering requirements

Some loyalty programs promise not only multiplier bonuses and deposit bonuses, but also very real cash prizes. Such a prize can be given out at each new rank or every few ranks, depending on the specific program. As opposed to “bonus money”, such rewards are commonly referred to as “cash prizes”.

The cash prizes themselves are a very welcome bonus, even for high rollers who are used to spending and winning large sums. Even if we are talking about small amounts like $50 or $100, these prizes are still noticed and appreciated by the crypto casino’s caring approach to loyal players. Of course, members of VIP clubs of large portals receive much more substantial cash bonuses.

Then again, such loyalty rewards rarely come with wagering requirements. Sometimes cash prizes are given only at the highest levels, when the player has already spent a fair amount of money in the casino. In that case, a wager would be considered a mockery, so gratuities from loyalty programs (much less VIP clubs) always reach the user without any wagering requirements.

Frequent questions about crypto bonuses without wagering

Got questions about crypto casino bonuses without a wager? You may find the answers here.

  • What are the wagering requirements for bonus money?

    Casinos can’t just give away free cryptocurrency. Registering and even depositing is no guarantee that another user won’t abuse the promo and benefit unfairly from it. With a wager, the bonus money can only be withdrawn if the user stakes an amount that exceeds the bonus by several times – most often by several tens. Thus, crypto casinos minimize the risk of losses from such bonus offers.

  • Is it possible to immediately withdraw the money received because the bonus without a wager?

    It depends on the type of bonus. For example, there are bonus money without wagering conditions, which are received at high levels of the loyalty program or as a reward for a VIP club member. In that case, the user is more likely to be able to request withdrawal of such bonus immediately.

  • Does it make sense to look for bonuses without wagering conditions?

    In general, more likely yes than no. If you’re going to play for bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, crypto bonuses without a wager could in theory allow you to win more. Each offer has its own terms of use, so you should get a good look at it first anyway.

  • Is it possible to earn with crypto bonuses without a wager?

    Such bonuses can have a positive effect on your cash balance at a cryptocurrency casino, but you can not make any money from it. Online portals are careful to ensure that players do not take advantage of promotions and various loopholes in order to outsmart the casino. The rules almost always stipulate that the administration has the right to ban a user and forfeit winnings if such suspicions arise. Also, you should always remember that gambling is a way to have fun, not to make money.

  • Where can I find crypto casinos with no wagering requirements?

    You can find a list of no wagering requirements casinos above on the same page.


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