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The National Hockey League (NHL) unites the strongest Canadian and American teams in one tournament. The tournament is considered the most popular and strongest club competition in the world. The best players from all countries are gathered here, which makes the league bright and rich in goals. This attracts hockey fans and bookmakers who offer a variety of bets on the National Hockey League. Today, you can bet on it online using crypto, for example, Bitcoin. Below we will talk about NHL hockey crypto betting and mention the best crypto sportsbook for NHL betting.

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Tournament Format

The history of the tournament dates back to 1917, when the first four professional teams entered the league. During the existence of the league, the number of participants has constantly changed. The active expansion of the league began after 1967, when strong teams began to appear in the minor leagues of North America. Now there are 31 clubs in the NHL, and in the future there will be 32 participants in the tournament.

The NHL season consists of two stages: the regular season and the playoffs, which is called the Stanley Cup. In the regular season, teams play 82 matches: 41 at home and 41 away. In the 2020/2021 season, the number of matches has been reduced due to the coronavirus pandemic. All clubs are divided into two conferences: Western and Eastern. With the exception of the 2020/2021 season, clubs play in the playoffs in a 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5 system in each of the conferences, after which the conference winners play in the Stanley Cup Finals. When scoring in the regular season, a two-point system is used: a win in a match in regulation time or overtime is worth two points, a defeat in overtime or a shootout is one, and a defeat in regulation time is zero. In the Stanley Cup playoffs, teams play in a best-of-four series.

Most titled teams

The list of the most titled teams is headed by a team that has been playing in the league since its foundation and will not miss its place in the ranking of the most successful teams for a long time. The five most decorated Stanley Cup teams are:

NHL hockey crypto betting
  • Montreal Canadiens 24 Cups, 34 Finals;
  • Detroit Red Wings 11 Cups, 24 Finals;
  • Toronto Maple Leafs 13 Cups, 21 finals;
  • Boston Bruins 6 Cups, 20 Finals;
  • Chicago Blackhawks, 6 Cups 13 Finals.

A total of 27 different teams have won the Stanley Cup.

Features of NHL hockey crypto betting

The NHL is the strongest league. It is logical that the players here are of the appropriate level, which means that the audience’s interest in the tournament is maximum. It turns out that NHL betting is just as popular. Thousands of users make them every day, as a result of which they have identified some patterns, based on which, the number of successful transactions should increase. The conclusions have been made over the course of several years, so they will not be suitable for a specific match, because they do not take into account the shape of the teams and other components.

  1. Long trip. It happens that the club holds four or more fights outside its arena. He usually loses in the first home game, so you can bet against him.
  2. Sometimes teams play for several days in a row – this is very tiring for the players, so the outcome of today’s and tomorrow’s matches can differ markedly.
  3. The debut game of a new coach often ends in his victory. No wonder – an emotional upsurge, hockey players want to show their best side, you need to fight again for the right to play at the base.

Positive and negative points

The NHL is a good field for a player and has its advantages and disadvantages, which we will consider.

The main plus is high dynamics. Fights take place daily, such a volume provides enough information for analysis. An equally important advantage is the level of all teams. Here everyone can beat everyone, so identifying such events will allow you to earn at high odds.

The disadvantages include, first of all, the time of games – at night. Sometimes it is extremely inconvenient and it is rarely possible to follow the matches live, except perhaps on weekends when evening matches take place. True, as practice shows, night hacks are much more exciting.

The second disadvantage, which was originally described as a plus, is unpredictability. Bettor sometimes lacks information about the state of athletes, motivation, and so on, so an inadequate assessment of the strength of hockey players is quite possible. Only experienced players are able to assess the mood of the teams for each match, and then, as a rule, directly during the broadcast.

Important tips for NHL hockey crypto betting

Based on what has been said before, here are a few tips for beginners:

  • do not try to predict all the matches – there will always be plenty of them, so choose the most suitable ones;
  • take breaks – do not set every day, rest is important in any business;
  • the dynamics of the championship is over the top, so you need to fully concentrate on it and immerse yourself – the teams are tightly located in the table, try to catch them on ups and downs, find trends;
  • to make it easier to determine who the bookmakers have underestimated, divide the clubs by levels – outsiders, middle peasants and favorites. Build your analysis based on this information.

What to look for when analyzing statistics?

Numbers and figures are the main information on which most cappers build their forecasts. It is not entirely correct to rely only on statistical data, but without them, when analyzing a match, nowhere. Therefore, we focus on the following:

  • team streak – away, at home, in all games;
  • overall game performance (goals, shots, removals, etc.) – again, separately at home and away, as well as all matches in general;
  • face-to-face confrontations: for the last and current seasons (longer does not make sense, since there is a significant rotation in the teams every year).

NHL crypto betting on total over

Select such matches where the level of teams is approximately the same – without a clear favorite. Identify fights where intense and hard-fought competition is expected. As a rule, these are meetings of principal rivals or neighbors in the table.

We analyze the statistics – where would we be without it. Study face-to-face confrontations between clubs. How often do they break through TB? If yes, we continue. By the way, frequent removals are an advantage, especially if teams successfully use them. The results of the team in the league will not say as much as you think.

Here it is important to pay attention to how hockey players play, leading in the account with a difference of 2-3 points. If they “dry” the game, alas, such an event is not suitable. The team must impose a fierce fight, even if it confidently wins – in this situation, we boldly bet on TO.

Statistics are nothing more than numbers, albeit sometimes useful ones. Don’t ignore other factors such as teams’ form, their motivation for a particular match, and lineups. Follow the championship – be aware of everything that happens. If you can’t, stop betting on the NHL, or use the forecasts of specialists.

NHL Bitcoin betting on total under

We choose meetings with a favorite, but not pronounced. There should be a difference in class, but not significant. Also, few goals are observed in games without motivation, when the opponents have solved their problems and do not expect anything from the match. Usually such fights take place at the end of the season – the club either advanced to the playoffs in advance, or lost all chances in the fight for the title long ago.

No statistics again anywhere. Naturally, it is required to focus on teams that often finish games with TM. Just consider the results of the entire season, not the last 5-7 games. So the analysis will be more objective.

Injuries to key performers in the team play an important role in this type of betting. Reservists usually score less, so the chances of a TM increase. Another thing you need to pay attention to is the goalkeepers. If each of the teams has strong goalkeepers, it is more difficult for hockey players to break through them.


If betting is a way of earning money for you, and not a hobby, then the NHL is great for this. At first, you will have to sweat, like everywhere else, but over time you will learn how to bet correctly and will look forward to the start of the season in order to test the effectiveness of your new strategies.

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