Solana betting sites

This section shows bookmakers where you can make bets with SOL. Cryptocurrency has gained immense popularity in the world in recent years. Betting companies picked up this trend and began to offer crypto deposits and withdrawals. Here we will talk about Solana betting sites, particularly about sports betting with Solana.

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Solana betting sites: how the ranking was made

The rating of bookmakers that accept bets with SOL was compiled on the basis of a number of criteria. Briefly, there are several main indicators:

  • license and reputation
  • number of sports and other enterntainment offered
  • verification procedure
  • deposits and payments: payout speed, limits, maximum withdrawal amount, number of accepted currencies and payment options
  • bonuses and promotions

In all of these bookmakers not only Solana betting is accepted, but also betting other cryptocurrencies: Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tron, Tether and others – there can be up to forty of them.

Commissions on sports betting with Solana

Fees much depend on the particular Solana betting platform. On almost all sites you can replenish your account with cryptocurrency for free, without any additional fees. But you need to understand that a commission will be required for transferring the money, depending on the blockchain. Bookmakers accept deposits without commissions, but transaction fees must be paid.

How to deposit Solana to a betting platform

First you need to find a bookmaker that accepts this cryptocurrency. Then follow these steps:

  1. Register with the company.
  2. Log in to your personal account.
  3. Select the section where you can make a deposit – usually it is called Banking.
  4. Choose the appropriate payment method – in this case SOL.
  5. Enter the deposit amount or cope the SOL address you will need to sent money to.
  6. Confirm the operation or sent SOL from your crypto wallet or exchange.

Advantages and disadvantages of Solana sports betting

In this section, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of depositing SOL.


  • No deposit fees
  • Anonymity of the transfer
  • High limits or no limits on deposits and withdrawals


  • Sometimes there is a withdrawal fee
  • The method is not available in a lot of companies
  • Country restrictions

Payment methods and convenience depend on the particular bookmaker that supports cryptocurrency. Some providers will complete the transaction and credit funds immediately, others in a few minutes.

About SOL

It is a blockchain coin that provides fast, secure and scalable dApps (decentralized applications) and trading platforms. The goal of the crypto project is to create a convenient, scalable protocol with high throughput. Also, according to the developers, the platform is focused on minimizing fees and costs for operations. According to the creators, Solana (SOL) is an open, fair, censorship-free global market that can compete with the New York Stock Exchange. Experts call Solana the advanced fourth-generation blockchain.

History of Solana (SOL)

In 2017, the crypto project was founded by people from the Californian company Qualcomm, which develops wireless communications. Anatoly Yakovenko is one of the creators of the platform. While working as a software engineer at Dropbox, he gained a lot of experience with compression algorithms. Somewhat later, his colleagues Eric Williams and Greg Fitzgerald joined him. Together they created a new method to solve the low network bandwidth problems that are common to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In their developments, the team took into account the experience of the largest corporations (Apple Inc., Intel, Microsoft). The results of work on the SOL cryptocurrency attracted interest from serious investors (Foundation Capital, CMCC Global, Multicoin Capital, Abstract Ventures).

During an experiment in 2017, Yakovenko realized that Bitcoin’s SHA-256 hash function could create a decentralized clock on the cryptocurrency blockchain. He concluded that if transactions were time-tagged, then the scalability of the network would increase even without having to sacrifice decentralization.

SOL features

Consensus in early blockchains is reached when participants solve a mathematical puzzle. This mechanism is called Proof-of-Work (proof of work, PoW). The process of fully confirming a transaction takes approximately 60 minutes in the case of the Bitcoin network and about a minute for Ethereum. The procedure is insanely energy intensive, which is why neither Bitcoin nor Ethereum has proven to be scalable. It was the strong dependence on energy consumption that Elon Musk cited as an explanation for why Tesla no longer accepts BTC.

Anatoly Yakovenko proposed his idea of ​​consensus, which he called Proof-Of-History (proof of history, PoH). The blockchain of the SOL cryptocurrency assumes a kind of synchronized clock, which, in fact, assigns a timestamp to each transaction and deprives miners and bots of the ability to determine the order of the record on the network.

Solana also introduces other innovations, such as forwarding transactions to validators before the previous batch of transactions has completed. This maximizes confirmation speed and increases the number of transfers that can be processed both simultaneously and in parallel.

Characteristics of Solana

Against the background of other cryptocurrencies, the SOL coin is distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • Censorship resistance. The decentralized ecosystem conducts global transactions without the participation of a third party. The lack of control over the network ensures that operations cannot be blocked or stopped.
  • Delegated staking. A modern and simple way to receive rewards for holding coins in an account is gaining popularity among users, especially among inexperienced traders. Delegated staking allows you to have a guaranteed and stable passive income.
  • Scalability. The system can proportionally increase network bandwidth and process up to 710,000 TP S (transactions per second). This property makes the platform suitable for interacting with decentralized applications.

Principle of operation

The Solana crypto consensus algorithm is based on the Proof-Of-History mechanism. Proof of history is a fundamental principle that ensures high throughput and network efficiency.

Most blockchains rely on sequential block confirmation. This requires validators to communicate with each other in order to reach a consensus on the time period when a transaction takes place. Such interactions slow down the network because the previous block must be acknowledged by each node before the next block can be written.

A good example for understanding the whole procedure is a comparison with a relay race. Imagine a race with 3 runners where the track serves as time. The sum of the distances covered by each athlete means the total work done. But the second runner cannot start until the first runner passes the baton to him.

With the Solana blockchain, all 3 athletes can move at the same time without waiting for a signal. Collectively, they do a similar amount of work as other teams, but in terms of time, they use only a third of it to complete the race. Compared to the sequential method used by competitors, Solana athletes show 3 times higher performance over the same period. It is this principle that makes the platform unique.

The history proof applies the proof delay parameter. With this function, a single node creates timestamps. Calculations are made according to the SHA-256 algorithm, which is used in the bitcoin PoW mechanism. Thus, the need to transfer labels throughout the network disappears, and efficiency increases significantly.


There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a Solana sports betting site. Check the best bookmakers in the table above, read detailed reviews and pick the one that suis your needs best.


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