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The crypto eSports industry is gaining momentum these days, with League of Legends among the most popular and frequently played disciplines. Want to start betting in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies League of Legends? Keep reading this article and find out, lots of useful information about league of legends crypto betting, how to choose the right crypto bookmaker, how to bet in crypto on LoL and what betting markets are available.

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The best crypto betting sites for League of Legends

League of Legends is a globally recognised strategic MOBA game that brings together millions of players. However, this game does not only attract gamers, but also bettors who want to profit from the video game that they enjoy the most. If you’re one of those gamers and you’re facing the challenge of finding a good crypto bettor to bet on LoL, you’ve come to the right place. Below we list the best and safest sites for betting on League of Legends in cryptocurrency. Check it out, choose a crypto bettor that meets all your requirements and start betting.

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How to choose a crypto League of Legends betting site

Choosing a bookmaker is the most important thing in LoL crypto betting. Every player wants to bet with a reliable betting company and have a great betting experience. Therefore, below we have identified the main criteria for choosing the best site for betting on League of Legends with cryptocurrency.

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Checking every crypto bookmaker on your own is a very time consuming process, given the hundreds of sites that are available on the market today. So the first thing you need to look at is the reputation of the bookmaker. Only register with a platform that is time-tested and proven to be reliable. Read reviews from other bettors and find out what they have to say. Usually from such reviews you can find out how safe the bookmaker is, whether the support service works efficiently, what the situation is with the payment methods and the speed of payouts.

User interface

The next important criterion to look out for is the user interface of the crypto bookmaker’s website. Choose a site that is easy to navigate and all the content is divided into separate sections. This way, you can quickly find any information you need about LoL crypto betting, including match schedules, odds, bet types, etc. The design should be simple and not distract you from your main objective. A big plus would be if there is a news section on the home page so you can keep up with the latest updates and promotions.

Bonuses and promotions

All of the best League of Legends crypto betting sites provide their bettors with different types of special bonuses and these are usually higher than the fiat deposit bonuses. These include registration welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, referral bonuses, no deposit bonuses and cashback bonuses. All of these rewards are designed to encourage new players to make different bets in cryptocurrency and help them practice their betting skills and have a better chance of earning a profit. Make sure you choose the bookmaker with the most generous bonuses.

Speed of payouts

Obviously, every gambler would like to get their earnings as quickly as possible. Every self-respecting bookmaker platform should offer a wide range of crypto coins for fast payouts. A bookmaker that accepts cryptocurrencies is the perfect choice for you, as they all withdraw funds almost instantly, which is not the case with bank cards and transfers, where withdrawals can take several days.

Customer Service

You may run into some technical or financial problems when betting with one of the LoL betting sites. Therefore, it is very important that the bookmaker has a professional customer service that will provide the necessary help as soon as possible. You should be able to contact a representative of the site by e-mail, hotline or 24/7 chat. Multilingual specialists will be a big plus, as bettors can be from different countries.

Types of betting on League of Legends in cryptocurrency

If you aree a new bettor, you need to not only choose the safest site to bet with crypto on League of Legends, but also learn about the different types of bets you can place on LoL. To make a successful bet, you need to know which bets are more suitable for experienced bettors and which bets are most profitable for you if you are going to bet with Bitcoin on LoL for the first time.

Match outcomeThis is the most common type of bet offered by bookmakers and is ideal for beginner. A bet on the winner of the match is also called a money line bet, where the player has to predict which of the two opposing teams will win the match. There is no point for the bettor to spend hours researching the teams. He/she can check the odds and bet on whichever team the bookmaker thinks is stronger.
Total cardsThis type of betting is also widely offered by League of Legends betting sites. The bookmaker sets the total number of cards that will be played in the match, and bettors need to predict whether the number of cards played will be higher or lower than this. This type of betting is also a good way for beginners to get started in LoL crypto gambling.
Correct scoreMany punters love this type of betting, as bookmakers often offer it. In order to make a successful correct score bet, players must accurately predict the exact result of the match. This is a so-called version of betting on the winner of the match, but more complicated, so only experienced bettors should choose this type of bet.
HandicapBookmakers want to make the competition between two teams with different levels of play more equal. Therefore they add a virtual handicap to the underdogs. This means that at the end of the match the extra points of the weaker team will be added to its total number of cards won. That team could be the winner and those who bet on that team will make a big profit.

Types of markets to bet on LoL with crypto

League of Legends is a game with exciting and interesting gameplay. Accordingly, there are a huge variety of betting markets available on LoL crypto betting sites. They allow you to bet on various events that take place during the match. Let’s take a look at a few examples below.

The duration of the match shorter/longerA match in LoL lasts until one of the teams destroys the opponent’s base, which is called Nexus. Many bettors place bets trying to guess the duration of the match. The bookmakers set how long the match will last, and players have to predict whether the match will last longer or shorter than the League of Legends crypto betting site stipulates.
First BloodThis is a type of betting market that requires players to bet on the team most likely to draw first blood in a match. Typically, the first kill occurs within the first ten minutes of the match, so bettors don’t have to wait long to see if their bet is successful. Bets can be placed on the whole team or on an individual player.
Baron/Dragon KillsKilling the Baron of Nashor or the Dragon comes with special rewards for the team, so both teams involved in the match try to meet these targets on the map. This makes the betting process even more exciting, as not only do bettors have the chance to win money by correctly guessing which team will kill the Dragon or Baron first, but they also get a great show watching the teams play.
First Turret/InhibitorTo get past the main obstacle, which is the destruction of the Nexus, both teams must pass turrets or towers on their way to the enemy base – powerful structures that can cause considerable damage to players. As for inhibitors (barracks), each team has 3 of these buildings, and they are located within the team’s base. For this bet the player has to make an accurate prediction and bet on the team that will destroy the turret or the inhibitor first.
Player Versus PlayerThis betting market is particularly popular with professional bettors who already have some experience in LoL betting, as it requires a careful analysis of the players and their statistics. They have specific knowledge of the players and their results over a period of time. Crypto LoL betting sites give you the opportunity to bet on a particular player who you think will make the most kills, shed the first blood, etc.

Major League of Legends events to bet on in cryptocurrency

There are many LoL events that attract millions of bettors every year. The most famous teams with the best players take part in the various tournaments. This wide range of League of Legends competitions opens up limitless possibilities for pre-match and live betting for gamblers. Below you can read about the most popular events that are covered by most League of Legends betting sites.

League of Legends World Championship

Worlds is the biggest League of Legends tournament hosted by Riot Games. 22 teams from many regions compete for the championship title, a huge cash prize and the Recruiting Cup. It is usually held once a year in the autumn after the Summer Split and lasts for a month. It is by far the most prestigious LoL event, both in terms of the number of spectators and the size of the prize pool. A table with the latest LoL World Championship matches can be found below.

Mid-Season Invitational

This is an annual tournament that has been run by Riot Games since 2015. After the World Championship, it is considered the second largest League of Legends competition. The MSI tournament features 12 teams that have won their regional championships. The minimum prize pool is $250,000. If you would like to bet on current and future MSI matches, have a look at the table below.


There are also regional competitions that give teams and individuals a chance to shine and qualify for some of the most important LoL tournaments such as Worlds and MSI. Below you will find a list of current tournaments and matches in these LoL leagues. The first example of a regional championship is LCK, which is the biggest league in South Korea. It is one of the most popular LoL leagues in terms of spectator numbers.


The second example of regional leagues in League of Legends is the LPL, which is a professional LoL league in China. LPL is considered one of the most exciting LoL tournaments on the competitive scene. Throughout the season, world-class LoL teams battle each other for the right to represent their country and win on the big international stage.


Another famous regional LoL championship is the LEC, Europe’s leading eSports league also organised by Riot Games. Typically ten teams take part in a competitive season. They play against each other using a double round-robin format. The top six teams qualify for the play-off phase of Europe’s best LoL tournament.


The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) was created for LoL teams in the North American region. The league boasts a special Lock In tournament, where a handsome $150,000 prize pool will go to the single winning team. Along with the traditional spring and summer splits, the LCS features some of the most popular eSports organizations such as Cloud9, Team Liquid and Team SoloMid.


Among the regional competitions covered by League of Legends betting sites is the PCS (Pacific Championship Series). The league always presents strong contenders for the Worlds, as the winners of the spring split qualify for the MSI mid-season invitational tournament, and the top 2 teams from the summer split qualify for the annual Worlds Championship.


The Vietnam Championship or Vietnam Championship Series (VCS) is a relatively newly formed regional LoL league that has gained considerable popularity among spectators and bettors. Despite the controversial situation with the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent cancellation of one of the previously scheduled events for the 2021 competition season, the VCS has already managed to reassert itself as one of the most exciting LoL tournaments in the Southeast Asian region.

Tips for betting on League of Legends with cryptocurrency

You already know how to choose the best crypto bookmaker and which bets you can place on LoL. However, we would like to share with you some betting tips that will come in handy when you start betting on League of Legends with crypto.

  • Compare the odds
    The bookmakers offer different odds because each of them has their own team of experts who judge the players and line-up, analyse the history of previous matches, etc. So bet with the bookmaker who offers the most favourable odds to get big payouts.
  • Manage your bankroll
    It is highly recommended to be careful when betting on LoL and not to spend all your funds on a particular bet. Even if you are confident that your prediction is accurate, bet no more than 5% of the amount you have deposited in your account on the League of Legends crypto betting site.
  • Know your teams
    If you plan to bet on LoL matches during one of the tournaments, you should first do a little research before placing a bet. Learn as much as you can about the teams taking part in the competition, their strategies, recent player changes, etc. The more knowledge you have, the more accurate predictions you will make.
  • Develop your own betting strategy
    If you just want a taste of the betting process, you can bet on the winner of the match, and that will be all. However, to make big profits and increase your bankroll significantly, you need to hone your betting skills and create your own betting strategy.

Live betting on League of Legends with Bitcoin

Live betting is the most interesting and exciting type of crypto betting in LoL. The main difference between pre-match and live betting on League of Legends is the ability to bet during the current match. All reputable League of Legends crypto betting sites provide live streaming, so players do not need to look for a separate platform to be able to follow the match. Betting on LoL live is a great way to win big money, thanks to the high odds and variety of betting markets. It will also give you a better understanding of the game and teach you how to make quick decisions, as the odds and bets tend to change during live matches.

Expert LoL bettors versus new LoL bettors

No one becomes an expert in LoL betting all at once, because it’s a long and gradual process. In the beginning, novice bettors stick to betting on the winner of the match, as it can be profitable without first examining the teams. As for experienced bettors, they tend to place more complicated bets such as totals, expresses, handicaps etc. These bets are riskier, but experienced bettors make them only after a thorough analysis of the teams and their results.

Moreover, professional players never rush into their bets. They compare odds and consider statistics to see which bet will bring them the most profit. They usually rely on their own predictions, while ordinary betting enthusiasts use ready-made calculation tips.


In this guide we have provided useful information on how to choose the most reliable crypto bettor, explained what types of betting markets are available for Bitcoin betting on LoL, and provided you with a list of the safest League of Legends sites for cryptocurrency betting. Don’t waste a minute, choose one of the crypto betting platforms, choose your betting type, make a deposit and place your first LoL bet and enjoy making money on your favourite game.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best sites for betting on League of Legends in Bitcoin?

    The best Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency betting sites for LoL can be found in the list we provided above in our review.

  • What types of betting are available on LoL crypto betting sites?

    Betting on LoL cryptocurrency betting sites includes moneyline bets, card totals, card handicap and correct score.

  • Why can live betting sites help your LoL betting predictions?

    Live betting allows you to watch teams play and study their playing strategies, see how the odds change and, based on this information, make more accurate predictions.

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