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Сrypto betting rugby is high demand in England, South Africa, New Zealand, Scotland and Australia. A little later, the popularity of the sport began to grow in Georgia and France. in this article will look at best crypto rugby betting sites, types of crypto rugby bets, simple strategies and other useful information about crypto rugby.

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Rugby is a team sport that is divided into three main sub-species. Officially, the rules of rugby were first published in 1845, but it is worth mentioning that they were issued as a document in 1848.

Interesting facts about rugby:

  • There are three main subspecies of rugby, with very different rules;
  • The Rugby World Cup was first held in 1987 and annually thereafter. The winning team was New Zealand;
  • Live rugby betting is more popular than pre-match betting.
Crypto betting rugby

Types of rugby crypto bets

Online crypto betting on rugby is exactly the same as, for example, football. The classic outcomes presented are handicaps, totals and statistics.

We would like to focus on three sub-species of rugby in more detail, as they have their own particular differences.

  • Rugby 15 or Rugby Union – the most popular variety of this game, and because of this has been recognised as a classic. Players are numbered 1-15 in the team. The number is not chosen randomly, it determines the player’s position on the pitch. The match length is 2×40 minutes. The referee can stop play. When this happens, time is stopped. Perhaps one of the main features of the sport is that once playtime is over, the teams continue to play, despite the fact that there is no ‘extra time’ in the sport. This is until the ball goes out of bounds, or the attacking team makes a mistake.
  • Rugby-13 or Rugby League – Similar to the classic version of rugby played in Australia and England. There are less players, and not without reason the number 13 appears in the name. The main characteristic of this form of rugby is the dynamic nature of the game as a team has a limited attacking time. Attacking requires five phases, each of which brings the team closer to victory.
  • Rugby Sevens -this sub-form of Rugby is Olympic Rugby. The match is played according to the Classic Laws, the only difference is that the top seven players of the team enter the field. It was invented because it is a very injury-prone and energy-consuming game. The sub-species of rugby sevens does not involve players. They move there from the most popular sub-species of rugby-15.

Crypto Rugby Betting Strategies

Because of rugby’s high performance, you may want to take a closer look at basketball strategies. Probably the most popular crypto rugby betting strategy is catch up. When analysing a team’s performance it is often the case that the team loses in the first half and gains revenge in the second half.

It is advisable to identify a favourite in a match with an odds of 2.00 or higher to win the halves. Bet on him to win the first half in pre-match mode. If the team justifies its status and wins, then that is the end of your betting on this game and you do your analysis and look for a new match. If the team loses in the first half, you need to bet online. Take a long shot of their win in the second half. You need to be prepared to bet live on the sport.


Rugby crypto betting has grown in popularity around the world over time. Before placing a bet, it is necessary to study the rules of the sport and its subspecies. Without proper analysis, the probability of failure is very high, but with quality analytics, it is possible to find mistakes in the bookmakers’ lines and make good profits.

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