Horse racing betting with crypto

Like any decent sport, there are a great many crypto betting options on horse racing. But the vast majority of bettors use just a few types that allow them to win without much wisdom. Our professional team offers an insight into the main types of horse racing betting with crypto, crypto betting horse racing strategies and the best bitcoin betting sites with horse racing and other altcoins.

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Types of crypto bets on horse racing

  • Betting on a win (single, win). Here everything is clear – bet on the fact that the horse will win. This type of bet has a variant: insurance bet. If the horse does not win, but comes second or third, a refund will be given.
  • A bet on “win or place” (each-way, e/w). Again, everything is simple: this is a bet that the horse will either win or come in a prize position. Attention, there is a nuance here: at the rate of e/w, the bet amount is doubled. “Bet 10 dollars each way” means that in fact you will lay out 20 dollars. This is logical, since we bet both on victory and on a prize at the same time.
  • How is this bet calculated? If the horse comes in a winning position, you will get 1/4 or 1/5 odds, depending on the bookmaker’s conditions. Therefore it makes sense to bet on horses with odds starting from 8.00. And if your selection wins you will get both a payout for winning and a slice of the prize – small change, but nice!
  • Forecast. This is a bet on which horse will come first or second in a race. Forecasts can be exact (straight forecast, where only one option is given) or combined (reverse forecast, a bet on horses coming first and second in either order). With reverse forecast the stake is doubled because you are essentially placing two bets, on two possible outcomes. Prediction is good, when a favourite is given a ridiculous odds like 1.15. To win more, hook a surefire winner for second place!
  • Triple prediction (tricast). Same as forecast, but with three horses. May be exact or combined. With a combined tricast the total bet increases sixfold, because six possible completions can be made from three horses. But there is also a lot to be won here.
    “Match bet (head-to-head). Here you bet on one horse coming ahead of the other no matter what places they finish. So the whole race is a duel – easy!

And of course, horse racing crypto bets, like any other bets, can be combined into expresses (and, if you’re very lucky, win millions in currency).

Crypto betting on horse racing

The simplest crypto horse racing betting strategies

We will start with a “lazy” strategy. We take the first three races of the day at three different racetracks. In each race, we pick a favourite. And combine those three favourites into a Trixie bet. That’s three doubles and one treble. The only important condition is that the odds for each favourite must be at least 2.00. Then, if you win at least two horses, the payout is guaranteed.

Let’s see how it works. Let’s say we have three favourites – A, B and C. Each is given odds of 2.00. We place a Trixie bet with a base bet of 10 dollars. The total bet will be 40 dollars (three doubles + one treble). If A and B win, the payout will be 40 dollars. The bet has already been wagered! If C also wins, we obtain 200 dollars (80 for the treble and 40 for each double).

For this strategy to be profitable it is better to look for odds at least a little bit higher than 2.00 – then in case of winning two horses you will not just get your money back, but you will be with profit.

Why choose the first race of the day? Usually the first race of the day is a beginner’s race, either maiden or novice. And such races usually have strong favourites to win more often.

In principle, such strategies do not require learning the race card. We simply take and put our money on the top two/three favourites of the day. But knowing how to read the race card will keep you from spending unnecessarily and increase your profits, for sometimes the favourites, like the owls in Twin Peaks, are “not what they seem”.

If the odds on the favourite are suspiciously high – 4.00 and above – and the odds on the other participants are not much higher, i.e. the bookie hints that many have a chance, it is better to apply another strategy. In English it is called dutching and, according to the legend, it was invented by Al Capone’s accountant Dutch Schultz.

The gist of it is very simple. Bets are placed on the victory of several horses in one race. That is exactly the example I gave in my previous article. If two horses have odds of 4.00 and 4.50, then if the betting amount for each horse is the same – say, 100 dollars. – If one of the horses wins we will be in the black. For example, if a horse wins with odds 4.00, the net profit will be 200 dollars.

It may be more complicated – it is possible to bet more than on two horses, fitting the sums of bets to the odds so that in any case one will be in the black. It is said that this is how Dutchy Schultz laundered millions for the Mafia!

And there’s another simple strategy called ‘follow the money’. Starting in the morning, you start looking at the horse racing charts and picking out outsiders who are being actively bet on. For example, a horse was given 67.00, then 34.00, then 26.00 – i.e. the odds are going down. But the odds on the favourite don’t change, i.e. there is no special cash infusion into it. Then look at the form of a popular underdog and if you see that the horse has potential, bet on it. That’s it!

To add to this, it’s very rewarding to watch the horse racing broadcasts. Firstly, it is a thrilling spectacle. Secondly, there are things that can only be tracked live. Broadcasts help to develop “flair” and improve the accuracy of predictions.


Horse racing is a specific sport that differs from most disciplines. The crypto betting lines do not list these events in much detail, and before placing a bet it is important to know what the name of the event in the spread means. Players use different strategies to improve their crypto betting on horse racing. There are specific gambling tactics that are designed specifically for horse racing, mainly for betting on clear favourites, but there is also a risky strategy for betting on underdogs.

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