How to bet on sport online with crypto

There are a lot of tips on how to bet on sports on the Internet for beginners. However, few people can earn money on betting with bookmakers. Most of the players drain the pot. The rate of investment loss can be fast or slow, but for many, losing an investment is inevitable. Beginners should approach sports betting sites carefully. Here we will talk about how to bet on sport online with crypto, however, there is no real difference in placing bets in digital or fiat currency, it’s only mean of payment.

How to start betting on sport online with crypto for beginners

Basic terms

To understand how to bet on sports online, it’s best for beginners to understand the terminology first. The “vocabulary” of betting is diverse, but the basic concepts need to be clarified.

  • Bet – the amount on which the bet is made. The size is determined by the bettor himself. A number of bookmakers introduce limits on the minimum or maximum bet amounts.
  • Line – a list of matches offered by the bookmaker. The bigger the bookmaker, the more variable the line.
  • Painting – the variability of the outcomes of a sporting event. For minor meetings, they offer a win or a draw; for more interesting events, more options are prepared. A bettor can see a variety of totals, odds.
  • Ordinary – single bet. Player makes a bet on one outcome in a particular event. A bettor can create several ordinars at once.
  • Express – a betting system that includes several unrelated ordinars. On the sleight of bettors, this betting option is also called a steam locomotive. Express can include from 2 matches to infinity. The only condition is that there is no connection between the events.
  • Prematch – a bet before the game starts.
  • Live – a bet made during the match.
  • Coefficient – a number showing the possible amount of winnings. The final size of the odds depends on:
    • bookmaker analysts (composition of teams, motivation, importance of the meeting for the club);
    • bookmaker margin;
    • the number of bets made by bettors;
    • competitor performance.
How to bet on sport online with crypto currency

The higher the coefficient, the higher the potential earnings of the bettor. However, with growth, the chance of losing increases.

The bookmaker’s margin is a factor that lowers the odds by a certain amount. It is a kind of “commission” of the betting site.

Freebet is a welcome bonus from the bookmaker designed to attract new players.

  • Capper is a professional forecaster. Betting on sports online is difficult for beginners. A player does not have enough knowledge to reliably predict the outcome of the meeting. Assisted by professional analysts, for a fee, cappers will offer their own forecast.
  • Inside – closed information about a sport event. So called “agreements”. Most often, insiders are a common trick of crooks. Secret information is expensive, it will not be sold to anyone who wants it.
  • Total – a betting option in which the bettor is offered to guess the quantitative parameter of the game. The debater can determine the number of goals scored, yellow cards issued, the amount of corners or penalties.
  • Handicap – virtual advantage of one of the teams. Handicaps are introduced to increase the chances of the team and increase the odds.
  • Double outcome – the opportunity to bet on 2 results of the meeting. A player makes a bet on the team not losing. The bettor will be able to make a profit if the team won or reduced the meeting to a draw.

Varieties of bets on sport with crypto

The set of sports bets is divided into 3 classes:

  1. single;
  2. group;
  3. multiple.

The difference is fundamental. Some types of bets are suitable for beginners, while others are more often used by more experienced bettors.

How to bet on sport online

Single bets

Single bookmaker sports betting via the Internet is the most famous type of betting. The bettor is offered to guess the single, double chance, total, handicap or time match (result for a period of time).

Group bets

A popular betting option designed for tournaments. Group bets include parlays and systems. The system is a combination of several “locomotives”. Beginners rarely argue about such options. Systems are more often used by experienced bettors.

Multiple bets

Combination of single and group bets. There are 3 types of bets:

  1. trixie;
  2. patent;
  3. yankee.

Trixie includes a triple accumulator and 3 double accumulators. The patent bet involves 4 trixies and 3 single bets. Yankee consists of 1 bet on 4 events, 4 triple parlays and 6 doubles.

Popular strategies wnen betting on sport

Before concluding an online sports bet, the bettor must understand a simple truth. There is no ideal strategy. No mathematical model guarantees a 100% increase in the pot.

Beginners can bet according to different schemes. Flat and catch-up are popular.

Flat strategy involves concluding a dispute at 3-5% of the bank. Profit growth is slow, but the account is also “protected” from draining in case of unsuccessful series.

Catch-up strategy: when losing, the bettor needs to double the bet. Betting odds must exceed 2. Sooner or later, the desired outcome will come. The wrangler will recoup and earn.

Beginners love the strategy of playing for the favorite. The logic is simple: the leaders of the meeting often win, the odds are low, but stable small earnings are possible in the end. On failures, the tactic will result in a drained pot. The lesson is expensive.

There is a real chance of earning when playing against the favorite. The tactic is popular and effective. However, the technique requires qualitative predictions. If the bettor’s personal skills in analyzing sports events are low, then cappers will have to be paid. Finding a real forecaster is hard. It’s much easier to stumble upon a scammer.

Forks provide guaranteed income. The disputer will have to bet on sport in crypto in different bookmakers on opposite events. The difference in odds will allow to earn in any scenario. However, there are many pitfalls here:

  • Bookmakers are actively fighting arbers, blocking accounts, returning money with a coefficient of 1.
  • Finding forks is difficult. Software will help simplify the process. However, the programs are expensive, with daily rates reaching $100 or more. This automatically requires a large pot.
  • Taxes can “eat” part of the profits and reduce the final income.

A step-by-step guide on how to bet on sport online with crypto

First of all, to be able to bet, a bettor needs to visit a bookmaker’s website and register their personal account. Then it remains to choose a sporting event in your favoritr sport, for example, table tennis, the size of the bet and make a bet.

Some companies offer to install mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Registration and verification procedure

When registering, a user must provide all the personal data required on the site. If we talk about crypto bookmakers, very often they are annonymous and require little to no personal information at all. Some sports betting sites allow you to connect via Metamask. If needed, you will have to verify your identity through by submitting your ID and utility bill, in most cases.

Making a deposit and withdrawal

You can deposit and withdraw money to your account on a sports betting site in any way offered by the bookmaker. If you want to bet on sport with crypto currency, you must find a website that accepts those payments. Right now most bookmakers accept Bitcoin. A lot of sports betting sites accept Litecoin and Ethereum. There are also bookies that accept less popular cryptocurrencies, such as USDT, Monero, ADA, Binance coin and others.

The size of the commission and the term of the transfer depend on the type of deposit or withdrawal.

Advice for beginners

General recommendations are:

  • Study of general terminology.
  • Study rules of the bookmaker.
  • Choose a strategy.
  • Immerse in the game. You need to know everything about the chosen sport. This will help predict the outcome.

The main advice is that the expectation of a miracle should be eradicated. It is worth moderating greed and ambition. These 2 qualities often lead to crooks. There are 95-99% of dishonest cappers in the network. They guarantee income, iron predictions, account promotion, hacking schemes. In reality, bettors will simply lose their invested funds.


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