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Crypto dice game is a very famous crypto game and one of the very first games to start using crypto in gambling. In 2020 crypto dice game flooded the entire internet. There are a thousand variations of this dice game.

All players, of course, wonder if the cryptodice is a “Proof of Fair Play”. In fact, only crypto games are provably fair games. Games that offer bitcoin for betting or other cryptocurrency do not force you to trust the game, but allow you to verify any bet on the blockchain. Crypto games dice run on an open blockchain system in which players can see all transactions. This gives confidence in the dice game crypto and in fair winnings.

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What is dice crypto game?

Dice games have 2 varieties: traditional dice games and crypto dice games.

In this case, we will talk about crypto dice mainly. Firstly, crypto dice are provably fair games. For example, on the BC Game platform, the crypto dice game can be checked for manipulation. Every player can verify that the game is honest by checking any transaction in that game.

Secondly, crypto dice naturally uses crypto currency for bets. This means that the player can withdraw his winnings at any time, unlike traditional dice games.

How to play crypto Dice

Playing crypto dice is very simple compared to other crypto gambling games.

In crypto dice players choose a number from 1 to 100 and make bets and choose whether the winnings will be higher or lower than the chosen number. For example, a player bets 100,000 satoshi (0.001 BTC) and chooses the number 77 and bets that the number will be less than 77.

Most such crypto games give fair bitcoin winnings because the games are based on blockchain. The main points of the best crypto dice game are:

  • Choose the lower or higher number that falls in the bet;
  • Run the Dice.
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Crypto Dice – tips and strategy

There are some interesting tips and strategies you can choose when playing dice with bitcoin to increase your chances of winning:

  • Think about the Martingale strategy in dice play. It is a risky strategy with big winnings;
  • Increase your bet slowly when you start to win – the main thing is not to rush;
  • Use auto-betting wisely and with care. Experiment;
  • Use the tips judiciously at your own risk is not responsible for the strategies and methods of play that the players choose.

Pros and cons of playing Dice with cryptocurrency

More and more casino players are favouring dice and cryptocurrency games, and they do so for a reason.

  • Dice is one of the most profitable casino games for a player. The casino has a 1-2% advantage in it, which greatly increases your chances of success. However, Crash with crypto gives you similar odds, so you might like this game as well. You may also be interested in Plinko on bitcoin, which fits perfectly into the category of the best instant win games online.
  • Cryptocurrencies have established themselves as an advanced payment mechanism that solves the problems of traditional payment systems.
  • They provide increased privacy by ensuring that your online casino transfers do not show up on your bank statements.
  • Cryptocurrencies are fully secure and blockchain-proof. When using cryptocurrencies, only you control the wallet key.
  • Cryptocurrencies are accessible and easy to use. Contrary to popular belief, mastering cryptocurrencies is very easy. Moreover, anyone in the world can use cryptocurrencies without any additional restrictions.
  • Among the disadvantages of playing craps on cryptocurrencies is that not all of them are equally suitable for online casino transfers. We recommend playing Dice in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Binance Coin, Monero, Tron, Tether, Dash, Dogecoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash as they offer an optimal balance between fees and transfer speed.


Crypto dice games based casino games have begun to improve the online gaming environment. Crypto games are run using blockchain technology, usually through self-expressing smart contracts This means that no one is involved in the process of deciding whether or not you should receive a bonus. Everything is determined by an open and transparent algorithm that everyone can check.

The use of cryptocurrencies in casino games can also improve the way players are paid. With a minimum of due diligence, withdrawals are usually processed faster and can be withdrawn from the recipient’s wallet in minutes rather than days. Also, because wallet operators do not care about the source of funds, players do not have to risk having their accounts frozen, which traditional banks sometimes do, and traditional banks get upset when making payments from online casinos.

Playing bitcoin dice is a great way to have fun without the skill or energy. Since the whole game can be over in a matter of seconds, players don’t have to spend a lot of time. This makes playing bitcoins on the go very appealing, and fortunately, all of the casinos listed above are mobile-friendly. In addition, the stakes and odds can be altered to suit the player’s funding situation, which means that big players can enjoy bitcoin games just as much as other conservative players.

The future of casino gaming is definitely moving towards cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin dice games are a great way to experience the future today.


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