Bitcoin VIP casino

Recently cryptocurrency casinos have become very popular among gamblers because using cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, to make deposits at Bitcoin VIP Casinos is much easier and safer than the traditional Fiat currency.

A lot of players from countries where International payments are restricted usually find it difficult to access casino games.

The introduction of cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, has changed the game for many casino game providers/companies. Bitcoin has become a legal tender used by some casino operators. This has made it easier for international gamblers to play their favorite casino games without much worry about the perfect Fiat payment method to use.

These days, many Bitcoin casinos have sprung up, orchestrating the growth of the gambling Industry.

With the introduction of bitcoin into the gambling industry,  many are already failing with the addition and the reason is obvious.  The reason could be that with bitcoin VIP Casino sites will become less stressful, more fun, more freedom, and of course more money.

What are VIP casinos?

Bitcoin VIP casino

This is probably not your first time reading or hearing the word “VIP”. It’s an acronym for a very important person. This term is used in our everyday life especially during Social events and also in casinos. Though matter which field it is used in, it denotes the same meaning.

Casino, in particular, is associated with the most loyal customers/players/gambler and those who stake big funds.  Both online and land-based casinos do have Vip programs established to group VIP players into different categories.

This group is categorized based on how much a gambler is staking and how often the player visits the casino.

You should note that some casinos, make use of the abbreviation MVG, which denotes Most Valuable Guest and it means the same thing with VIP

Since we have given you insight on what VIP means in casino industry, the question is what are Bitccoin VIP casinos?. Well, we are going to tell you whar it means

Bitcoin VIP casino is a Bitcoin casino that offers a VIP program. In other ways, you could say that Bitcoin VIP casinos are those casinos that accept Bitcoin as a payment ledger and also offer some program that will enable their VIP or MVP customers to earn more than the regular players.

Some Bitcoin VIP Casinos

Here is a list of some bitcoin VIP Casinos that you should know.

100% up to €500
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200 TFS + 450% up to 5 BTC + 140 FS
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20 free spins no deposit
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Benefits of being a VIP Casino player

There are many advantages that a VIP Casino player has over a non – VIP player.  Here are some advantages of the VIP program at bitcoin casinos.

  • VIP players have higher deposit & withdrawal limits: this means that their online betting account limit is higher than that of an average gambler.
  • Increased and higher stake per game:VIP Casino players stand a chance of increased stake per game meaning that they can stake higher than the non-VIP players
  • Exclusive bonus and promotion: They stand a chance of receiving the better part of the bonus and freebies that come with most promotions.
  • Assigned Account Manager: VIP players are usually assigned to a dedicated account manager, who foresees the activities going. on in the account.
  • Faster withdrawals: Withdrawal is almost Instant in VIP Account. Once a withdrawal request is placed they will receive their money instantly.
  • Birthday gift: VIP players are eligible for birthday gifts and wish from the casino company. Must casino companies send out birthday gifts to their loyal customers?

VIP players are more positioned to receive ticket giveaways and also some set of cool prizes.

Advantages of Bitcoin VIP casinos

There are several advantages of playing at cryptocurrency-accepting casinos, of which a greater number of them accept Bitcoin.  Here are the advantages of casinos accepting cryptocurrency.

  • Fast deposit & withdrawal: Playing at this type of casino will offer you much faster and more reliable withdrawal and deposit. Since the transaction doesn’t need a third party to interfere.
  • No regional barriers: Bitcoin is accepted and used all over the world. Gamblers can bet on their favorite casino games even when such a casino is not located in their region.
  • Transparency and provably fair games: It’s no doubt that bitcoin Casinos offers very transparent games. All their games have been investigated and Certified safe by licensing bodies.
  • Security: They maintain high security on their Casinos, to avoid thefts most game providers encrypt all the transactions carried out in the platform with the latest SSL encryption Technology method.
  • Lucrative Bonuses and Promotions: With a VIP program you stand a chance of getting an interesting bonus and promotional freebies.

You should note that this is a general advantage and some individual cryptocurrency casinos could also have their specific benefits.

The fact you should note about the VIP casino program

If you are considering joining the VIP league in your chosen Casino outlets, here are some key points you should bear in mind.

  • There are a lot of online and land-based casinos that offer VIP service, you should know that their terms and conditions vary.
  • To become a recognized VIP member, you must be ready to risk a high stake amount and be ready to visit the casino constantly.
  • If you eventually become a VIP casino player at any Casino that offers free spins you will always get free spins to use when you are betting your game.
  • As a VIP member, you will stand a chance of getting a more lucrative bonus and earning more money.
  • Remember you don’t need to break the bank to join the VIP program.

VIP casino bonuses

VIP Casinos also have attractive bonuses like every casino you will see out there. Bonuses have been used as both promotional and Marketing Strategies to attract more gamblers to a casino outlet. Players are always in search of a casino that will offer them a maximum deposit. That will in turn maximize their chance of winning their bets. In this section, we will tell you about bonuses you can find at VIP Casinos outlets.

Deposit bonus

One of the Popular bonuses that VIP Casinos offer is free money on deposit, or deposit bonus as the case may be. Here you will need to deposit a certain amount of money to activate the deposit bonus.

For instance, if you deposit $100, you may get 100% of your deposit, which means that the casino will credit $200 to your online casino account. 

This type of bonus is mostly regarded as a welcome bonus however you can benefit from it any time you activate your VIP membership. You should note that for bonuses there is also an associated wagering requirement.

Free spins bonus

Free spins are another VIP Casinos bonus, however, you can also access this type of casino bonus even at non-VIP casinos too. Some casinos such as various slots offer VIP membership holders up to 200 free spins per week. Also note that free spins are associated with specific slots, and wagering requirements may apply too.

Cashback VIP Bonus

One of the reasons to join the VIP membership program is because of Cashback. Cashback allows you to get back the fund you lost while playing a casino game.  Normally cashback begins from 5%, 10%, and even up to 20% in some casinos.  Cashback can help you to maintain your bankroll while you earn some money.  Please note that cashback is only paid for the money you lost, not the one you won.

How To Get A Vip Bonus At Online Casinos

Wondering how to get this massive bonus that we outlined. Getting those bonuses is only possible if you join the VIP membership program.  Join the VIP membership program is not as hard as you are already thinking. It’s relatively easy and you can do that easily simply by reaching their pre-sets criteria.

Most VIP membership is activated when you spend a certain amount of money. For instance, some Casinos will activate your VIP membership level if you deposit 2,000£.

There are some Casinos where you will become VIP upon registration and at such Casinos, you don’t need to deposit huge money.  Sometimes too, you will be required to email the casino providers telling them you want to be part of their VIP membership community.


We have told you everything you should know about bitcoin VIP Casinos, and we believe that you understood them. We told you what VIP Casinos are, the meaning of bitcoin VIP casinos, and the benefits, and advantages of becoming a VIP member. If you have questions regarding this article you can send them to us through our contact us an email.

Bitcoin VIP casino FAQ

  • Can I become a VIP Bitcoin casino member for free?

    Yes. You can become a VIP member for free, some online casinos activate your membership immediately when you sign up while some others require you to make a certain deposit.

  • How can I get a VIP casino bonus?

    The only way of getting a bonus is to join the VIP membership community. There are the only eligibility criteria to get the bonus.

  • Can I play VIP Casino games for free?

    In as much as there are demo casino games that you can play free of charge. There are no VIP games that you can play for free, either you deposit funds and play or you are playing with a free spin bonus given to you.


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