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In this article we will talk about how to bet on American football matches, what events are present in the painting, will mention tips for beginners and the best betting strategies. Besides this we will tell you about pros and cons of betting on American football and present you with the best NFL crypto betting sites..

The U.S. sports culture is considered one of the most diverse and spectacular in the world. It gave beautiful basketball to the NBA, the best hockey league in the NHL, a wonderful MLB baseball championship. And the crown of this combination is the NFL – the best league in American football. Over time, this sport is gaining popularity not only among world observers, but also in the field of betting. True, due to the low level of coverage of this discipline, bettors have problems understanding the principles of correct match prediction. We will consider in the material how to bet on American football correctly, highlight the best betting strategies and talk about the key features of the game.

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Features of NFL and betting on games

American football is a sport that has no analogues. Today, American football is the No. 1 sport in the United States, and it is not surprising that bettors around the world spend more than 10 billion (!) dollars annually on bets in this discipline. Let’s get acquainted with the main provisions of this game:

  • the match takes 60 minutes and divided into 4 quarters of 15 minutes;
  • 2 teams of 11 people each take part in the match;
  • the goal of the game is to score the most points by moving the ball towards the end zone;
  • 4 attempts are given to draw the ball, if the team could not go 10 yards, then the next attempt begins;
  • for bringing the ball into the end zone (touchdown) 6 points are given;
  • a team gets three points when there is a long distance to the end zone, and there are few attempts left in the draw;
  • after a touchdown, the team can score 1 or 2 points – if the team kicker hits the goal, then 1 point is awarded for hitting, if the players play the ball with an entry into the end zone – 2 points.

Bets on American football are accepted in pre-match and live. Most betting companies try to create optimal conditions for bettors, so the description of this sport is good in most games of different tournaments. The North American NFL league is considered the top championship – the season finale (SuperBowl) gathers tens of millions of viewers from all over the world at the screens every year. More often, bettors bet on the matches of this league, but bets are also accepted on the leagues of other countries – Canada, Russia, Poland, etc. Student American football is also popular in the USA – the NCAA league is the second most viewed after the NFL.

What is in the betting list

est NFL crypto betting sites

When betting on American football matches, you can see the following betting options in the list of betting sites:

Game outcome. Players need to choose how the match will end. In American football, bets are accepted on regular time and an overtime match – for the first case, a separate sector with a list is created. You need to be careful when placing a bet with this moment. The Exodus is also found in the painting in quarters and halves.

Handicap. Players must guess with what gap the team will win (if the bet is placed on the favorite) or will not lose to their opponent – in the case of underdogs. The handicap can be plus or minus, in rare cases the bookmaker can give a zero handicap to the line.

Total. This is a game of determining the number of effective actions. A common bet on total points – it can be found in the list for the match, for separate quarters or halves. In the same time intervals, you can bet on the total total of points scored by two teams, or on an individual one – points from a particular team are taken into account here. You can also bet on the totals of touchdowns, punts, field goals, fouls and other indicators.

Additional events. In some companies, you can find bets on the exact number of touchdowns, individual performance of players, quarter winners, the highest score in a quarter or half, etc.

Special rates. This includes long-term bets – the winner of the Super Bowl or another league, the MVP of the season.

Crypto NFL betting: recommendations for beginners

The most important success factor in betting on American football is the ability to correctly analyze each game. Use these evaluation criteria to do it:

  • Command form. Both physical and psychological.
  • Head-to-head confrontations. Uncomfortable opponents or, on the contrary, convenient teams, long series without victories for one of the teams, failures at a particular stadium are also important factors that can indirectly affect the result.
  • Trends. First of all, performance trends – it is important to evaluate how many teams score and concede in recent meetings.
  • Motivation. Derbies of teams from the same city, historically irreconcilable rivals, a playoff match, a tournament final – assessing the importance of a match for each team is no less important than understanding what form the teams are in.
  • Personnel selection of players. Injuries, personal problems, relationships with the coaching staff, disqualifications – this must be taken into account.
  • Weather. This feature has a greater impact on performance. In rainy weather it is harder to run, the muscles in the legs clog faster, so more often the teams show not the most productive football.

Considering the features under consideration, looking through the archives of matches and live matches and being guided by statistics, bettors will greatly simplify the task of choosing the best option for crypto NFL betting.

Effective betting strategies

Despite the fact that American football is popular in betting, the world bettors failed to create most of the strategies for this gaming discipline.

The sport in question is too specific and unpredictable, so most players are left with only general universal tactics used in all game disciplines. Consider the most successful ones for American football.

Miller’s mathematical calculation

A controversial strategy, but it is based on working with real statistics, and this model is also characterized by good cross-country ability – about 60-65%. Its essence is as follows – the players are invited to calculate the approximate result of the match, considering the statistical indicators of the last 5 matches of each team for calculations.

We start by calculating the attack rating – for this we take the last 5 games and see how many points the team scored in them. For example, 40, 36, 20, 33 and 30. Cross out the largest and smallest number – 40 and 20, and add the remaining numbers and divide by 3. We get 99:3 = 33.

Next, we calculate the defense rating. Let’s say that the team missed 27, 33, 52, 16, 11 points. The principle of counting is the same, as a result we get 22.

The same calculation is done for the opponent. Let’s say after the calculations it turned out that the defensive rating of the guests is 17, and the attack rating is 26.

Now we make a forecast. We add the attack rating of the hosts to the attack rating of the guests and subtract 20. In our case, it turns out 30. We do the same with the remaining indicators – it turned out to be 28. The final score is 30:28. Based on the result, you can bet on the corresponding total, handicap or victory of one of the teams.

Lagging favorite

Everything is simpler here – we choose a live match between the favorite and the underdog. We monitor the situation, and if the favorite starts to lose by 7 or 14 points, we bet on his victory or a plus handicap. The main thing is to analyze the match before it starts and understand whether the chances of a strong team to win are really high and confirmed by the bookmaker’s odds.

We recommend using this strategy only in combination with the financial game model – flat or a fixed percentage of the bank for the par value of the bet. This will help players to stabilize their own profit and track the return on their bets. With a high patency of bets, the strategy will give tangible profits. Important: watch the match you are going to bet on live – this way you will understand the way the teams play and the chances of the favorite to win back.

Pros and cons of NFL betting

There are many benefits to betting on American football.

Firstly, this process is exciting – games often turn out to be very spectacular, so the bettor gets aesthetic pleasure from the game, in addition to potential winnings.

Match data is provided by most services, so it will not be difficult to find information for analysis, which is quite simple.

There are also disadvantages. Matches are held once a week, and most of the leagues on which bets are accepted are held at night for Russian-speaking players. This makes it difficult to follow the matches, but the problem can be solved by viewing the games in the recording.


Betting on American football is a great activity for those who love this game discipline. If a bettor understands this sport, then even high unpredictability will not become an obstacle for successful bets – after all, it is possible to bet not only on the winner of the game and totals, but also on some statistical moments. It is recommended to be guided when making a bet not only by analytics, but also by the use of effective financial models. Go ahead and choose one of the best NFL crypto betting sites from our rating above and enjoy the game!


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