Cardano casino sites

Here we will talk about gambling with Cardano. This digital coin becoming more and more popular these days, and casino industry noticed it, and many sites implemented ADA among their payment methods. Let’s explore the best Cardano casino sites and their features.

Last but not least, each of these sites hosts amazing games from top providers. In the game lobbies you will find:

  • slots from Microgaming, Endorphina, Play’n GO, Betsoft, Spinomenal, etc.
  • table games from OneTouch, Wazdan, Yggdrasil, NetEnt, Habanero, etc.
  • games with real dealers from Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Ezugi, etc.
  • jackpot games from BGaming, Playtech, Push Gaming, RedRake, Quickfire, etc.

The abundance of hot new releases and classic games creates an environment that makes playing Cardano casino games a lot of fun. Moreover, crypto casinos constantly stir up the interest of players with the help of free spins, deposit bonuses, cashbacks and other special offers. And if you feel that luck is on your side, you can take part in one of the many tournaments with a decent prize pool, competing with the same passionate players.

Brief reviews of the best Cardano gambling sites will help you quickly decide which site is best for playing with ADA. Having run your eyes over the main features of the portal, you can filter out or select one or another casino for yourself. In addition, comparison with other resources will help you choose the most suitable site and plunge into the world of cryptocurrency gaming applications.

Best Cardano casino sites


  • Over 6000 games
  • Crypto (over 20) and fiat payments.
  • Competitive Sportsbook Odds in different markets
  • Multi-level VIP program with attractive bonuses
  • BC Original games
  • Instant withdrawal
Up to 1 BTC
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  • Fast processing of payments
  • Wide collection of slots and games
  • Offers a huge selection of bonuses
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Let’s look at some of the best Cardano casino sites core closely.

CloudBet is a licensed online betting platform based in Curacao. Despite the lack of applications for smartphones, mobile interface is convenient thanks to the adaptive mobile version. The site is available in English, French, Japanese, Indonesian and few other languages. To register, you must be of legal age and enter real personal information. It is worth noting that this is purely crypto casino. It accepts many coins suche as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether and so on. Gambling with Cardano is also available. The minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC, the maximum withdrawal amount is not limited.

Bitstarz – another Cardano online casino which is on top of all crypto casino ratings. BitStarz – this institution has the highest ratings on the Internet among both webmasters and ordinary players. In 2017, Bitstars Casino was recognized as the best gambling club according to Askgamblers, but according to today’s data, it occupies the top positions in the ratings of most gambling sites. The casino is a multi-currency platform with high quality games, thoughtful bonuses and promotions, as well as a good loyalty policy towards players.

Bc.Game was founded in 2017 and is a pure cryptocurrency online casino. It offers players a wide selection of slots, table games, live casino games and games powered by Provably Fair technology. The operator takes high security measures, both in relation to games and in relation to player information and transactions. BC.Game Casino stands out from other online crypto casinos thanks to its modern technology, creative bonus offers and quality games, including its own in-house games.

Features of gambling with Cardano

Best Cardano casino sites

A few years ago, a new player appeared in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains called Cardano. The creators of the project set out to fix the shortcomings of Ethereum in their new platform for decentralized applications. At the same time, they planned to work on the project in strict accordance with the scientific methodology.

Today, the Cardano cryptocurrency is among the top ten digital assets according to CoinMarketCap. Cardano has managed to outrun EOS, TRON, NEO and many other well-known ecosystems for blockchain applications.

Cardano should especially appeal to mathematicians. Its author is Charles Hoskinson, who studied analytic number theory and, as it happened, became one of the creators of Ethereum. The name of the platform refers to the Italian mathematician Girolamo Cardano, after whom not only the cryptocurrency was named, but also, for example, the cardan shaft. The ADA token honors the memory of Ada Lovelace, the author of the world’s first computer program.

The Cardano project stands out because blockchain protocol updates are peer-reviewed. Each new release is carefully reviewed by researchers and scientists from world-renowned universities, including the University of Edinburgh and Tokyo Institute of Technology.

If crypto casinos are already accepting deposits in Ethereum, EOS, and TRON, then why not implement support for payments using Cardano? The popularity of this blockchain platform is only growing. It is quite possible that after the new ADA cryptocurrency boom, Cardano online casino sites will appear like mushrooms after the rain.

What is Cardano/ADA

Cardano is an open source blockchain project for financial transactions and decentralized applications. It is designed for use by consumers, businesses and governments around the world. For example, you can use this blockchain in your own Cardano casino to send and receive digital money through fast and cryptographically secure transfers.

The Cardano platform has a two-layer structure. The first layer is designed for calculations (Cardano Settlement Layer, CSL), while the second one is related to calculations (Cardano Computation Layer, CCL) and ensures the operation of applications on the blockchain. This solution greatly simplifies the updating of the blockchain and, therefore, the improvement of the ecosystem by developers.

The Cardano cryptocurrency token is called ADA. It is part of the computational layer and can be used as a means of payment for cryptocurrency casinos. Like other digital currencies, ADA provides the possibility of fast and affordable money transfers.

CCL, the Cardano Computing Layer, is being developed to enable users to create and implement smart contracts. Due to the two-layer structure, the ADA cryptocurrency can be used in different countries, as this makes it easier to comply with laws. For example, smart contracts can be “customized” to different regulatory standards in terms of storing and processing personal information. This is quite important for Cardano casinos.

The platform is based on the Ouroboros algorithm, thanks to which new ADA coins appear. It works on the principle of Proof of Stake, which implies less power consumption compared to proof-of-work cryptocurrencies. It also reduces the time it takes to create new units of cryptocurrency.

The essence of the Ouroboros algorithm

Typical Proof of Stake algorithms add new blocks of transactions to the blockchain with the help of nodes that own the maximum number of digital currency units. Ouroboros does it a little differently.

According to this algorithm, physical time is divided into so-called epochs. Epochs are made up of slots. Each slot is a fixed time period. After the end of one era, another always comes, and the time of each slot can change.

Token holders choose slot leaders for each era. It is thanks to the leaders that blocks of transactions are created, confirmed and added to the blockchain. The impartiality of the choice is provided by a multilateral computing system. But that’s not all: block transactions must be approved by a second group of stakeholders.

Unlike Proof of Work algorithms, Ouroboros does not reward huge computing power, but those who help verify transactions and make them more accessible. In essence, the reward is divided between the three parties responsible for conducting transactions.

Smart contracts

On September 13, 2021, a hard fork called Alonzo took place in the Cardano ecosystem. Together with him, the network has the opportunity to create smart contracts using the Plutus algorithm. The introduction of the long-awaited functionality has become an important stage in the development of the cryptocurrency project.

Despite criticism and reproaches over the number of years it took for this update, the ADA token hit a new all-time high on the back of this news. Interestingly, on the eve of the hard fork, institutional investors also became more active, thanks to which Cardano dominated along with Ethereum in the corresponding indicators among other cryptocurrency products.

Platform for new projects

It is indicated that the Cardano network stands out for its lower transaction costs when compared to networks on Ethereum.

Recently, the Ardana project managed to raise $10 million during the next round of funding. Ardana is an ecosystem based on the Cardano blockchain with its own stablecoin called dUSD. The creators of Ardana also plan to work on the implementation of a decentralized exchange called Danaswap.

In late summer 2021, news broke that the Cardano network would partner with the Ethiopian government to develop a blockchain-based national identity system. It was reported that the goal was to create a universal student assessment system for more than 3,500 educational institutions.

Benefits of Cardano

Cardano offers a decentralized cryptocurrency with cheap and private transactions. Blockchain makes transactions with ADA tokens extremely fast as well. Convenient money transfers are very important for crypto casinos, and ADA looks very attractive in this regard. But there are other, more specific advantages of this platform.

Using Proof of Stake

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero use the Proof of Work algorithm. This involves mining units of cryptocurrency – this is the name of the process of creating blocks of transactions by solving complex equations. In essence, the PoW algorithm rewards the computing power of the miners.

In the case of Proof of Stake, the situation is different. A new block of transactions is created by the one with a larger share of ownership. The share of ownership refers to the number of units of cryptocurrency on a particular blockchain. This is no longer mining, but forging – in this case, there is no block reward. Instead, the system provides an opportunity to earn a transaction fee.

Since attempts to hack the network or process malicious transactions will result in the loss of ownership, participants have an interest in the stable operation of the network. If you go against the system, the whole share is lost. Cryptocurrency platforms with proof-of-stake algorithms are generally considered to be more reliable than their predecessors. Cryptocurrency casinos can take note of this.


The two-layer structure of the platform allows you to change the smart contract in such a way as to comply with the rules and laws in different jurisdictions. Working within the framework of legislation in the future offers increased convenience for the end user. In addition, it involves fewer hassles when adding a payment method to a bitcoin casino site.

Low power consumption

In 2019, the BBC published interesting information: it took about the same amount of electricity to mine bitcoins in a year as the whole of Switzerland consumed in the same period. In the context of environmental protection, these figures look impressive.

With the Proof of Stake algorithm, there is no need to solve highly complex equations. Much less energy is required to verify transactions. Therefore, PoS cryptocurrencies may look more promising in the eyes of the whole society and crypto gambling enthusiasts in particular.

Manufacturability and development

The creators of Cardano call the project a “third generation cryptocurrency”. One can argue whether it really is, but it is difficult to deny a serious approach to the development of the platform. Real scientists are involved in the work on the Cardano ecosystem, and developments are subjected to close scrutiny by experts in their respective fields.

The number of ADA wallets recently crossed the 2 million mark. When asked about the future scalability of the network, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson cited Hydra as a commercial priority. Hydra is a so-called second-layer solution, a kind of “add-on” over the main protocol, which should improve network performance.

One of the feature articles says that each Hydra node can process about 1,000 transactions per second, and this is allegedly not even the limit. By creating a thousand of these nodes, the Cardano network would theoretically be able to handle a million transactions per second, while maintaining a very fast finalization of transfers.

Interestingly, the rating agency Weiss Ratings placed Cardano in the first place for quite a long time in its own rating of cryptocurrency technologies. In this category, Cardano’s cryptocurrency received an “Excellent” rating and overtook currencies and tokens such as Polkadot, Tezos, Cosmos, Fantom and Ethereum.

Cardano casino sites: disadvantages of ADA

Some point to the “probable assumptions” that guided the creators of the algorithm.

  1. Nodes within the network will not be absent for a long period
  2. Unsynchronized nodes will not hold more than 50% of all transactions

Of course, this has little to do with Cardano casino games. But if critics are to be believed, such assumptions are unacceptable given the project’s ambitions and plans to become a global blockchain.

Another criticism is that Ouroboros does not fully solve the problem of double spending. Allegedly, even with this advanced algorithm, there is a chance that the same set of transactions will be approved twice.


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