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Launched in 2016, MetaMask has become an influential cryptocurrency wallet that is supported on Chrome, Brave, and Firefox browsers. Having the ability to use MetaMask as an online browser extension has enabled players and traders to bridge the gap between the Ethereum Blockchain and downloadable wallets. Here we will talk about Metamask casino sites and why it’s beneficial for players to use them.

For those of you who don’t know, MetaMask offers you a radically different way to gamble with cryptocurrencies at online casinos. Designed to make staking with the Ethereum Dapp ecosystem even easier than it already is, this browser plugin-based wallet can store both Ether and ERC-20 tokens, and not only.

Online casinos tend to cater to everyone and everything. It is not surprising that MetaMask casinos have appeared in the last year. Although they do not appear in great numbers, they are still an option worth exploring if you like everything that MetaMask brings to the table. We will explore those casinos (and the payment gateway) in more detail here. However, first we are going to introduce you to some of the best MetaMask casino sites.

Best Metamask casino sites

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Up to 1 BTC

What is Metamask?

MetaMask is a browser extension and mobile app that allows you to manage Ethereum private keys. Thus, it serves as a wallet for ether and other tokens and allows you to interact with decentralized applications or dapps. Unlike some wallets, MetaMask does not store any information about you: neither your email address, nor your password, nor your Secret Recovery Phrase, nor private keys.

First, let’s understand why this wallet has become so popular. MetaMask works with the Ethereum network and its native currency ETH. It also supports all ERC-20 standard tokens, that is, any cryptocurrencies launched on the Ethereum network. In addition, MetaMask supports other networks such as Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20 standard), Polygon Network (Matic), and Optimism Ethereum. MetaMask can also be used as a payment interface for hardware wallets such as Ledger.

One of the main features of this wallet, which made it so popular, is a simple connection to decentralized services (DeFi): exchangers, exchanges and liquidity pools.

Why use Metamask at an online casino?

Bitcoin casino Metamask connecting

Simple functions are integrated into MetaMask wallet. They removed all the complexities associated with how players use cryptocurrency transfers and decentralized applications. For example, Ethereum is acquired in seconds and can be transferred to various dApps.

MetaMask does not exclusively integrate with browsers such as Chrome, Brave, and Firefox. You can connect MetaMask accounts to additional cryptocurrency wallets like SafePal & Ledger.

Another perk that will suit players is the “Recent Transactions Tab” which documents the funds that have been deposited and withdrawn from your account. This section of the MetaMask wallet shows your Wallet Address, QR code and Verified Contacts.

Why play at MetaMask casino sites?

Most of MetaMask casinos you will come across are compatible with Ethereum. They can be generic cryptocurrency casinos that accept ETH, or they can be more specific. Some can only process MetaMask transactions, so you’ll have several types to choose from. But why choose to play at MetaMask casinos? Here are three good reasons why it might be worth doing.

Simplicity is the key

MetaMask is surprisingly simpler to use than many other Ethereum Dapps out there. It also takes up less space (than a traditional app would) and is integrated to work in your browser. It is much simpler than some conventional Ethereum wallets and payment gateways.

Can be used in non-MetaMask casinos

Although there are few online casinos dedicated specifically to MetaMask, you don’t necessarily have to play at one of them. Any online casino that accepts Ethereum Dapp transactions (or BEP-20, Polygon etc,) can essentially be MetaMask compatible. We have listed the best ones for you here on this page.

Super fast transactions

MetaMask appears to process payments (both deposits and withdrawals) faster than conventional Ethereum transactions using conventional payment gateways. Although this may not appeal to many players (cryptocurrency transactions are fast by default), it is one more reason why you may prefer the MetaMask casino action.

Dedicated MetaMask casinos

MetaMask casinos exist. Although it is entirely possible to search for these types of casinos on the Internet, there is no guarantee that you will end up at a reputable site. Therefore, we recommend that you check out our MetaMask casinos, as they have all been verified as fair.

How to start using Metamask?

You can download and install the MetaMask extension from the official website of the project, but it’s better to do it through the Chrome store.

  1. Find Metamask and click install. Next, the application will ask for several permissions – we agree. This is required to connect to and interact with sites.
  2. Click “Get Started” and proceed to create a wallet.
  3. We get to the add wallet screen, which has two options:
    1. Restore the previously created wallet using the recovery phrase;
    2. Create a new wallet.
  4. Choose the second option.
  5. Come up with a password. The password is required to prevent unauthorized access to your wallet (for example, if someone has taken possession of your device). But if the password is lost, the wallet can be restored using a secret phrase. We will talk about the secret phrase of the wallet in a moment, this is an important and crucial moment.
  6. Metamask will show you your secrte phrase. Attention ❗ The passphrase provides access to your wallet. Take its safety very seriously! If it is lost or discredited, you can lose all tokens! Write down and save your phrase in a safe place.
  7. After that, MetaMask will ask you to repeat the phrase to make sure you saved it. Choose the words in the correct order.

Your new MetaMask wallet is ready to use. Now you can close the tab and call the wallet if necessary from the extensions panel of your browser.

Metamask casino: conclusion

To play in an online casino with Metamask, akk you need to do is to go to a casino website and connect your Metamask wallet. If you are using Metamask wallet on your mobile, open Browser section in Metamask dApp, insert the casino website’s address and play.


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